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Blood and Kor

by ThAtGuY101

  • ThAtGuY101


    This is a written works series I plan to make called 'Blood and Kor'. You might be wondering, who's Kor, and why is the title in all caps? Well sit down, and I'll tell you. Kor is a 7'2 ft brawler with a meditite named Roh. He's a character from Pokémon Warcraft. Grab some snacks guys, because its story time. Also... The title is in all caps cause... It's Kor, baby. Don't worry...

    Jun 9, 2021 1,066 words 1 Like
  • ThAtGuY101

    Blood and skulls for Kor by ThAtGuY101

    Overlooking the overly edgy title, Kor has left his village and has set out on his journey. Kor does not have nor ever had a skull throne.

    Jun 11, 2021 785 words 1 Like
  • ThAtGuY101

    The Brawler by ThAtGuY101

    Day one is over, and now day two is here. Kor got a lot of stuff done on day one. Now Kor heads to town to explore, eat, raise hell, or do just about whatever he likes.

    Jul 11, 2021 810 words 1 Like