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Avatar: Born Again From Earth

by EnviousWorm

  • EnviousWorm

    Book 1: Earth, Ch 1: The shifting of ground beneath running feet by EnviousWorm

    Thirteen years after the passing of Avatar Korra, the White Lotus are still on the hunt in the Earth Kingdom for the next Avatar. For 115 years, Korra worked to stabilize, strengthen and expand the United Republic of Nations - along with President Raiko and his successors thereafter. The world is in a modern age of peace and cohabitation of benders and non-benders. But the White Lotus fear a boiling point will reach, as Republic Officials and what remains of the Greater Nations continue arguing border-lines, and Republic City itself is rocked by propaganda pamphlets written and distributed by the "Followers of Amon". At odds with the once mighty bending nations on the outside and strained by non-bending unrest internally, the United Republic needs an Avatar, and is running out of patience with the White Lotus. While the search is desperately dragged out, the Council and President Fael-o work out alternative options.

    May 26, 2020 1,385 words
  • EnviousWorm

    B1,C1: ground beneath running feet (cont'd) by EnviousWorm

    Hanlei and Woui - running out of time - have convinced Shimi's parents to trust them, and they set about attempting to instruct the young girl in waterbending and firebending. On their way are the Republic Police - a deadly force of trained chi-blockers, metalbenders and lightning benders - on orders to apprehend the agents of the White Lotus at all cost.

    May 27, 2020 1,226 words