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    ~☆Hey there, the name's Issy!☆~
    I'm a 19 year-old Asexual -and possibly Biromantic- girl from Australia who loves Pokemon, drawing, collecting random stuff, listening to all kinds of EDM, and watching movies and TV.
    One of my biggest hobbies is drawing, even though I feel I'm hopeless at it (so if you see me moaning about how awful my art is, just ignore it. I do it on a daily basis). I've been drawing since the age of 3 and I'm completely self-taught (never taken drawing classes before). My dream is to one day become a character designer/Concept artist, or a graphic designer.
    I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since the days of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, my first game being Sapphire. Other than playing the games I'm also a Pokemon merch collector, my main priority being plush. So far I have over 100 in my collection.
    Other than Pokemon, other things I'm a fan of include; Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, Disney (especially The Lion King and Wreck it Ralph), and Steven Universe.

    More stuff under these spoilers!​
    Name: Isabella. Issy for short.
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'4"
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Hair Colour: Auburn Red
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
    Unova Zodiac Sign: Sawsbuck
    MBTI Personality Type: INFP
    Nationality: Australian
    Favourite Colours: Blue and Black
    Favourite Animals: Deer, Lynxes, Hyenas, Tigers, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Seals, Giant Squid, Cats, Narwhals, Barn Owls, Eagles, Genets, Polar Bears, Sharks, Vultures.
    Favourite Foods: Can't decide.
    Favourite Movies: The Lion King, Wreck it Ralph, Kill Bill Vol 1&2, The Neverending Story, Pacific Rim, Zootopia, Mama Mia, Treasure Planet, Sucker Punch, Sing.
    Favourite Books: I don't read much, but I do really enjoy the Owls of GaHoole series.
    Favourite Music Genres: EDM ♡ (Future Bass, Trap, Dubstep, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, and DnB are my favourite sub-genres), Electro-Swing, Hard Rock, and Alternative Rock/Indie.
    Favourite Music Artists/Bands:
    Owl City, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Flume, Marshmello, San Holo, Lookas, Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, WRLD, Feint, Peking Duk, Skrillex, Knife Party, Ephixa, Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris, Don Diablo, Avicii, Coyote Kisses, Hermitude, Skream, Pendulum, Excision, deadmau5, Seven Lions, Skrux, Diplo, Krewella, Galantis, Overwerk, Varien, Radiohead, Muse, Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, Panic! At the Disco, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Red, The Veer Union, Delta Goodrem, Katy Perry, ABBA, Florence + The Machine, and most Monstercat artists.
    Favourite Animes: Attack on Titan♡♡♡, Hetalia, Last Exile, Chrome Shelled Regios, D.Gray-man.
    Favourite Cartoons: Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, South Park, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants (older seasons only), We Bare Bears, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Rick and Morty.
    Favourite Non-Animated TV shows: Game of Thrones, Summer Heights High (and the two spin-off series; Jonah from Tonga, and Ja'mie: Private School Girl), Firefly.
    Things I dislike: NOTE: Some of these things you may disagree with, but this is just my opinion, Okay.
    Country Music, Soap Operas, Apple products (Android FTW!), Sandwiches (the non-toasted kind), Pineapple and pineapple flavored things, Homestuck, DeviantArt (don't ask me why I have an account on there...), James Bond films, Splatoon, Romantic movies (Mama Mia is the only exception), Genwunners, SJWs, Skylanders (We don't need this complete garbage. Bring back Spyro!), Opera music, and Charizard (Jk.)
    Other Random Facts About Me:
    • I'm a cat person. I absolutley love cats. Dogs are cool as well, but I don't think I could ever own one unless it had a really calm personality. Most dogs are too attention craving and hyperactive for my tastes, while cats are chill and make me laugh. Also kittens are the cutest things to walk this planet, nuff said.
    • I've never broken a bone before.
    • I've never seen these famous movies before; Titanic, Ghostbusters, Psycho (The Original), Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • I have seen ghosts, and I believe in them 100%. I believe in aliens as well.
    • I'm a huge fan of anything paranormal-related actually. I'm also a fan of conspiracy theories.
    • I am a severe Arachnophobic. I hate spiders with a passion. I also have phobias of needles/injections, and doctors/dentists.
    • I can't ride a bike, and I have no desire to learn how to either.
    • I am a fan of Marvel Superheroes. My favourite hero is Thor, and my favourite villain is Loki (obviously). I find DC superheroes pretty bleh, except for Batman, Aquaman, The Green Lantern, and the Teen Titans.
    • My favourite YouTubers are; JonTron,The Boo Review, Cr1tikal, Filthy Frank, H3H3, IdubbbzTV, Chadtronic, Dan and Phil, Ashens, Jacksepticeye, Top5s, and I Hate Everything.
    • I am a HUGE fan of anything Steampunk and Dieselpunk-related. I like Atompunk/Raygun Gothic as well, but not quite as much as the first two genres. I just find the whole concept to be really cool. I'm not a part of either of the fandoms at the moment, but hopefully someday I'll gain enough confidence to join. I've also been working on a Dieselpunk story for the last few months that I hope to one day turn into a comic (first I must find someone who can teach me how to draw correctly though).
    • I like vintage cartoons and cartoon characters. Felix the Cat, for example.
    • I really like kaiju monsters (Pacific Rim kaijiu, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, etc).
    • My favourite Digimon are Antylamon, Garudamon, and Gomamon and it's evolutions ( Ikkakumon, Zudomon, and Vikemon).
    • I think Plague Doctor costumes are badass.
    • I love anything to do with space. It fascinates me.
    • I hate country music with a passion. Seriously, keep that crap away from me.
    Here are some questions I'm frequently asked, including on other websites.
    Why are you so rude/why won't you reply to my messages?
    This question I run into a lot, and quite frankly it gets a bit annoying. There are two reasons as to why I sometimes don't reply to messages/come across a bit rude.
    1: I don't have the time. Yeah, I have a life to you know.
    2 (The main reason): Anxiety. I suffer from really bad anxiety and sometimes I just find it painfully hard to reply to even the most simplest of messages. Sometimes I simply don't know what to say, but other times I get really stressed out and panicked because I can't find the right words. Sometimes I don't reply because I worry that whatever I type will look silly.
    I know it sounds pathetic, but I honestly can't help it, and I know anyone who has suffered from anxiety will know what I'm talking about.
    Also, it worth noting that I do have a rather 'blunt' personality at times, so that may be another reason I come across rude. I'm really sorry about this, and I honestly try my best not to come across as a mean, blunt person.
    Oh, and I have a tenancy to say things without thinking about the affect they could have on other people. So if you ever see me say something such as "PewDiePie fans are the worst", please don't take it personally.
    Am I allowed to feature one of your designs/Fanmons/OCs in my video/artwork?
    Ok I'll admit I don't get asked this question basically at all, but of course you guys can feature them in artworks, videos, stories, etc. Just make sure to let me know and give me credit for my Fanmon/OC that you feature. To be honest, I'd be thrilled if someone wanted to draw one of my OCs or Fanmons.
    Do you do requests?
    No. If I done requests I'd make sure to let everyone know.
    Can you join my Roleplay?
    Nope, sorry. No matter what the RP is about or who is creating/has created it, I will refuse every time. I cannot RP nor am I interested in learning how to.
    Can you teach me to draw?
    I'm a casual artist, not an art teacher. So no.
    Besides, I'm too much of a nervous wreck to teach people how to do things.
    I followed you, so why won't you follow me back?/Can you follow me?
    Sorry, I don't give out free follows. I only follow people if:
    1: I'm friends with them.
    2: I like their art, written work, content, etc.
    3: They look like someone I could be friends with/look like a cool person.
    So please don't ask for this. Thanks.
    Can you follow me on; YouTube, deviantArt, Tumblr, etc.
    No. See above FAQ.
    No I don't, and I get asked this question a lot. Many people think I've stolen from ShardTheRaikou98/Pyroaura98, which was in fact my old deviantArt account.
    Another reason people may think my art is stolen is because the styles in my art vary so much. The reason for the varied styles are;
    1. Some works are older than others. Seriously, some of my oldest artworks in my Pokecharms gallery are from 2013 (a.k.a. My Pyroaura98 days)
    2. I'm always trying out new styles (realistic, Sugimori, revamping my own styles, etc)
    But if whatever reason you're still in doubt, message me and I will show you proof that absolutely 0% of my art is stolen.

    Hopefully that clears up my most asked questions.
    1 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    3 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    4 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    5 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    6 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    7 - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Bulbagarden Forums - Username: Shushupu (Active)
    - DeviantArt - Username: AstralNightmare98 (Not very active)
    - PokeCommunity - Username: AstralNightmare (Rarely active)
    - Quotev - Username: AstralNightmare98 (Not very active)
    - Tumblr - Username: AstralNightmare98 (Blog: Marvellous Steam-Powered Virizion!)
    - Pinterest - Username: AstralNightmare98


    - Virizyth
    - Viviaren
    - AstralNightmare
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    Jan 17, 2017 at 2:06 PM
    Aug 7, 2014
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    Favourite Pokémon
    Virizion, Blaziken, Snivy, Samurott, Spritzee, Incineroar, and Raikou
    Favourite Pokémon Move
    Blizzard, Flame Kick and Sacred Sword
    Somewhat stubborn


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    1. ViraiZeon
      So I drew this fakemon last night (in my profile pic), and I think it's gonna be my Pokesona. Well, if fakemon count, that is.
      1. Kat~Raichu likes this.
      2. GoldenPath
        It looks like epona (y)
        Jan 17, 2017 at 6:42 AM
    2. ViraiZeon
      Just caught a shiny Alola Vulpix on a chain of 31. Woot!
      1. Starfall, Kat~Raichu and AspenTR33 like this.
      2. AspenTR33
        Congrats! I tried to chain for a shiny once...I literally spent an hour fishing in Y. No shiny. Y u do dis, Game Freak?
        Jan 11, 2017 at 3:17 AM
      3. Kat~Raichu
        @AspenTR33 Same here, I tried to find a shiny Audino in Pokemon Black, but then I realized that it was a waste of time so yeah, no shinies for me XD
        Jan 14, 2017 at 1:51 AM
        AspenTR33 likes this.
    3. ViraiZeon
      Just caught my first SOS shiny, a Rufflet. Nice gift for my Birthday ^^
      1. Starfall, Kat~Raichu and AspenTR33 like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. AspenTR33
        Happy late birthday! :D
        Jan 10, 2017
        ViraiZeon likes this.
      4. ViraiZeon
        Jan 11, 2017 at 12:11 AM
        AspenTR33 likes this.
      5. Kat~Raichu
        Oh crap, I forgot to say this but, happy birthday I guess~ ^^
        Jan 14, 2017 at 1:52 AM
        ViraiZeon likes this.
    4. ViraiZeon
      Well, visting "Fan-made Pokemon Universe Wiki" was a terrible idea. I wish I had never created it...
    5. ViraiZeon
      I just realised that my birthday is in 3 days. Damn, I almost totally forgot about it.
      1. Andrewski2000
        I'll probably forget, so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
        Jan 8, 2017
        ViraiZeon likes this.
      2. ViraiZeon
        Thank you ^^ Only one day to go now!
        Jan 9, 2017
        Andrewski2000 likes this.
    6. Yasahiro
      God, no, not the cat. Not that DAMN CAT.
      1. ViraiZeon likes this.
      2. ViraiZeon
        Ah, so I guess you've seen this cat before?
        Jan 6, 2017
      3. Yasahiro
        Jan 6, 2017
        ViraiZeon likes this.
    7. ViraiZeon
      Looking back at my old status updates made me wince hard. I certainly overused emojis back then, that's for sure. Haha
      1. ViraiZeon
        At least I know my vocabulary has improved. Even if it's only a little.
        Jan 5, 2017
    8. ViraiZeon
      When you want to write Fanfiction, but you're a shitty writer and your grammar sucks... *sigh*
    9. ViraiZeon
      Listening to 'We are Number One' from LazyTown was a huge mistake. I can't get it out of my head...
    10. PKMN Trainer Lucy
      PKMN Trainer Lucy
      Do you want some of your fake-mon to be in my fake reigon?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ViraiZeon
        I'm only okay with people drawing my fakemon or featuring them in videos, as long as credit is given. Anything else is pretty much off limits I'm afraid. Also, please don't take this personally.
        Jan 3, 2017
      3. PKMN Trainer Lucy
        PKMN Trainer Lucy
        You would get credit
        Jan 10, 2017
      4. ViraiZeon
        Sorry, but I'm still going to have to decline your offer.
        Jan 10, 2017
    11. lordpotatollama
      Holy crap. We have so many talented artists on this site.
      I'm honestly a little bit intimidated...
      1. PKMN Trainer Lucy and ViraiZeon like this.
      2. ViraiZeon
        Nah, your art is cool. I like your fusions in particular.
        Jan 1, 2017
      3. lordpotatollama
        Really? I never thought it was very good. Your works are by far better, though.
        Jan 1, 2017
    12. ViraiZeon
      Merry Christmas guys!
    13. ViraiZeon
      I'm so happy right now, since I just caught my first shiny in SM, and I didn't even have to do any sort of chaining method to get her!
      1. Rene2is likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Andrewski2000
        Awesome! I feel like everyone that Shiny Chains is going after Rockruff right now.
        Dec 13, 2016
        ViraiZeon likes this.
      4. ViraiZeon
        Yeah, I was planning on making Rockruff my first Shiny chain as well, since I really wanted a Shiny Lycanroc Midnight form, which I obviously now have haha. I might still hunt for one though because I'd like to have a shiny Midday Lycanroc as well :)
        Dec 13, 2016
        Andrewski2000 likes this.
      5. Rene2is
        LUCKY BA... cool! :D
        Dec 13, 2016
    14. ViraiZeon
      Welp, my phone randomly decided to screw up and I just lost 200+ drawings on sketchbook, and 700+ songs. Great...
      1. PeachyPie
        Giant Cupcakes Dancing On Rainbows On Outer Space With A Girl That Doesn't Know How To Capitalize Properly
        Dec 1, 2016
    15. ViraiZeon
      It's official, Lycanroc (moon), and Salazzle are my absolute favourite Gen7 Pokemon. They're so badass.
      1. Heir of Breath likes this.
    16. ViraiZeon
      Damn Totem Wishiwashi, why are you so hard to beat T^T
      1. Heir of Breath likes this.
      2. Heir of Breath
        Heir of Breath
        that battle took forever for me to do, and i even had it easy since i chose rowlet as my starter
        Nov 24, 2016
        ViraiZeon likes this.
    17. ViraiZeon
      Hey guys, I'm going to be on hiatus for an extended, indefinite period of time, due to depression and whatnot. So, um, bye.
      1. Starfall likes this.
      2. Andrewski2000
        Take your time. We'll sure miss you.
        Nov 16, 2016
      3. ViraiZeon
        I might stick around for another week or so, only because of the release of Sun and Moon. After that I'll take my break. I'll probably only be active on the forums though.
        Nov 17, 2016
        Andrewski2000 likes this.
      4. Shiny Lyni
        Shiny Lyni
        Wishing you the best. *sends hugs*
        Nov 18, 2016
        Andrewski2000 likes this.
    18. Zcraftgaming
      whoa your art is awesome and if you feel depressed keep going i know this sounds ridiculous but i am going through depression too so if i can do it then you can
      1. AspenTR33 likes this.
    19. Acel
      Hey, ViraiZeon. I'm curious: since you like EDM, does that mean you listen to songs on NCS? ^^
    20. Mishiara
      Hi ViraiZeon,

      I'm a huge fan of your mega Sawsbuck art, and Sawsbuck being one of my long time favorite pokm and me going to start doing lets play for pokm -
      I wanted to ask you if I could use your picture for my channel. Of cores you get all the cred and a link in every video to do that so that you could get more press.
      What you think? Please get back to me :)
      1. ViraiZeon
        Of course you can use it for your channel. Anyone is allowed to use my Mega Pokemon art provided they credit me :)
        Also, I'm really glad you like my art!
        Nov 4, 2016
    21. ViraiZeon
      So,I'm sick of keeping all my feelings of anger and depression inside me. I want to vent, but I don't know where to do so. What should I do?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ViraiZeon
        Even talking to other friends about it is a challenge, since I rarely see them since finishing school.
        IDK what to do, but once again, thank you for the tips :)
        Oct 30, 2016
      3. Aura
        Journalling is usually a pretty good way to help, but it doesn't have to occur in a typical written way - its just about having some way to express the emotions you're feeling. You could do it by recording yourself talking about what's bothering you, and listening back to yourself. Or making like a scrapbook of pictures and words that represent how you're feeling.
        Oct 30, 2016
        Teapot likes this.
      4. AspenTR33
        Hey, don't get down on yourself! I think your art is awesome! Try talking to your friends via email if you can't see them otherwise. And if you get upset about your art, just look and see how lame MINE is. You're an awesome artist, and if I had the time or internet speed, I'd like ALL of your art! Sorry if this doesn't help, I really stink at writing inspiration.
        Nov 9, 2016
    22. Heir of Breath
      Heir of Breath
      Your new username is so cool :D
      1. ViraiZeon likes this.
      2. ViraiZeon
        Thank you! I'm glad you think so ^^
        Oct 24, 2016
        Heir of Breath likes this.
    23. Frarly Gog
    24. BurbleBurble
    25. ViraiZeon
      Hey guys! I'll have a new artwork (Fake Pokemon) uploaded sometime tomorrow, which will hopefully make up for the lack of art lately.
      1. Kim_Rose_Elf and Heir of Breath like this.
    26. ViraiZeon
      Other than a few upcoming exams, I've finished school for good. Honestly, it such a relief, and it's exciting to!
    27. ViraiZeon
      I know I bash my art up a lot, but I'll admit looking back at my old art, I've definitely improved. So, yay?
    28. Andrewski2000
      Hey, I've finally found someone who likes the same music as me!
      1. ViraiZeon likes this.
    29. ViraiZeon
      Only two more days until I'm moving house! So freaking excited!!
      1. Latilup
        I hope you like your house!!
        Sep 6, 2016
        blue skarmory likes this.
    30. Special Kumo
      Special Kumo
      I know you have DeviantArt. I forgot my username and my password. Can you please help me?
      1. ViraiZeon
        Sorry, but I don't think I can. I don't know your username either.
        Sep 5, 2016
        Special Kumo likes this.
      2. Special Kumo
        Special Kumo
        Yeah, I forgot my username as well.
        Sep 5, 2016
    31. ViraiZeon
      I've got the weirdest song stuck in my head at the moment. If you guys are wondering what it is, it is 7th Element by Vitas.
    32. Lucky Ace
      Lucky Ace
      Leeeeeeeeeeoooooooonnnnnnnn! I have a big juicy steak! Oops, I dropped it and it fell out of exsistance!
      1. Mr.Munchlax and ViraiZeon like this.
    33. TheLordAaroniteGray
      Hello, I decided to make an account on here!
      1. ViraiZeon likes this.
    34. Scrafty
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Scrafty
        Aug 23, 2016
      3. ViraiZeon
        No problem :)
        Aug 23, 2016
      4. Scrafty
        I made a pokemon fusion of espion and skitteon. It looks cute
        Aug 23, 2016
    35. Logiyo
      You should make an alola form to Lucario!
    36. Tsu
      Awesome Pic
    37. Milk
      Just wanted to say that your art is very nice....♥
    38. Jacksaurus The Haxorus
      Jacksaurus The Haxorus
      Thanks for the follow :p
      1. ViraiZeon likes this.
      2. ViraiZeon
        You're welcome :)
        Aug 7, 2016
    39. SparkyLewis949
      Your avatar is my face at every family reunion I have. Especially when I get bombarded with the "girly girl" stuff. :p
      1. ViraiZeon likes this.
    40. ViraiZeon
      Damn it, why the hell are people so hard to draw...
      1. Acel likes this.
      2. SparkyLewis949
        I wonder the same.
        Jul 29, 2016
        ViraiZeon likes this.
      3. Kat~Raichu
        Supremely, yes it is hard for me to draw people as well...
        Jul 29, 2016
      4. Starfall
        Aug 30, 2016
        ViraiZeon likes this.
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