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    IRL, I'm an outgoing, fun-loving person who loves all sorts of forms of entertainment, but especially video games. And among video games, Pokémon is my absolute favorite series. I'm part of a three-author team working on a fanfic about a region that features a lot of the Fakemon we've dreamed up over the years (please don't judge me for that). Not much progress has been made because the other two authors have contributed nothing to the actual story.

    I'm unemployed due to an extremely rare medical condition called "Cluster Headache": an ultra-painful nervous disorder that takes everything most people think of when they hear the word "headache" and turns it on its head. This condition makes it impossible for me to even take care of myself without the help of others, so an actual job is impossible for me.

    Aside from that gloomy bit, I'm generally considered a nice and cheerful person by others, so feel free to strike up a conversation with me.

    Finally, if you feel like it, maybe you could consider helping a guy out and possibly offer to assist with my story? It'd really make my day, and I may even be able to provide compensation. Not money of course (I'm unemployed, after all), but maybe in the form of a Pokémon from one of the games I've played. I'm a semi-competitive battler, so I tend to usually have extra Pokémon in my PC that I no longer have use for, but I feel they deserve a good home.
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    • Pokémon: Neon Opal Version, Chapter 1

      NOTE: Contains Fakemon and is non canon. Just north of Orre, there's a region called Salintra, named for the abundance of salt in the area where the region was first settled. For centuries, there's been no proper catalogue of the Pokémon living in this region, but that's about to change, starting today. Join rookie Trainer Jason Turner as he, his rival, and his little sister begin their journeys, each intending to beat the other two to the goal of a complete regional Pokédex.

      Mar 12, 2016 3,738 words

    Trainer Cards

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