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    You can call me Pika, Princess, Pika Princess and (of course) Princess Pika!
    I like Pokemon, Touhou, MHA, Fire Emblem, sweets and several other things.

    I'm taking requests! See here for more information!

    Name: Okihira Miyasoku (pronounced: Oh-ka-here-ra Me-ya-su-kou).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 23.
    Home: A mansion somewhere on Utari-Cariia Mountain.
    Species: Unknown, supposedly human.
    Appearance: Tall and pale, with dark brown, slightly longer than shoulder length hair and hazel eyes; always wears a white linen dress with a rich, dark pink skirt; an extremely dark purple cardigan (of sorts) with three, slightly lighter purple buttons; a chocolate brown pair of knee socks and black shoes with white laces.
    Personality: Although she is often very kind and caring, she can be rude or haughty if someone angers her.
    Skills: Quick reflexes, amazing puzzle-solving skills and is quite a bit more agile than average.
    Family: Jukikata (Younger sister), Kuzatiai (Father), Kirasatia (Mother), Naimoyu Karusadia (Cousin).
    Love Relationships?: N/A.

    Name: Nico Ami (pronounced: Nigh-co Am-me).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 16
    (in Werewolf years, this kind of Werewolf ages at about half the speed of an ordinary human so in human years she's 32).
    Home: Selenetos Forest, frequently visits the village of Solena.
    Species: Werewolf.
    Wolf appearance: Silky light green fur, piercing blue eyes and tiny ivory claws.
    Appearance: About 180cm tall, long and flowing green hair with a short side swept fringe, blue eyes and pale skin; wears a cyan short-sleeved top, sparkly purple knee-length skirt, 1/4 length bronze socks and light green Mary-Janes shoes.
    Personality: Kind and friendly, she tries to be friends with everyone, but the fact that everyone knows she's a werewolf drags her down quite a bit.
    Skills: Extremely agile and has an amazing sense of smell even when not in her wolf form.
    Family: Kurusolia (Mother), Darujaria (Father).
    Love Relationships?: Only a slight crush on Okasi.
    Name: Imako Nawasu (Pronounced: Im-ie-ko Nah-wah-so).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 15.
    Hometown: Sapporo, Ishikari Subprefecture, Hokkaido.
    Species: Bakeneko.
    Cat Appearance: A two-tailed mostly black cat with white paws and tail tips and gleaming light blue eyes.
    Appearance: Around average height and fair skin with short, shiny black hair, light blue eyes, two black tails with white tips and black cat ears. When not in her school uniform she wears a white hooded jacket over a purple T-shirt with “Akarui” in a pale lilac colour written on it, off-white lilac trousers and dark bronze-ish gold shoes. She always wears a dark purple hairband, even when in her school uniform.
    Personality: Quiet, introverted and somewhat odd; she always talks in an informal way with a slight tinge of superiority, and she can be a little clumsy at times.
    Skills: She is very athletic and is a rather good cook.
    Family: Umeko Nawasu (Mother), Sanjiro Nawasu (Father), Kairi Iruna (Older sister).
    School: Ikimono class representative at Tsukaikoyo High School, Kitahiroshima, Ishikari Subprefecture, Hokkaido.
    Elemental Affinity: Water.
    Advanced Elemental Affinity: Ice.
    Love Relationships?: None.

    Name: Yume Fujiwara (Pronounced: You-mei Foo-jih-wah-rah).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 15.
    Hometown: Ebetsu, Ishikari Subprefecture, Hokkaido.
    Species: Human.
    Appearance: Shorter than average with slightly tanned skin, long dark brown hair and red eyes. When not in her school uniform, she wears a dark red dress with various dark orange and yellow markings on it, dusky red knee-high socks, black shoes with red laces and two deep scarlet ribbons in her hair.
    Personality: Kind, outgoing and bubbly; she enjoys relaxing and talking to people, though is often afraid to use her magic due to fear it might cause a problem.
    Skills: She is a pretty decent artist and has an amazing sense of direction.
    Family: Ame Fujiwara (Mother), Kane Fujiwara (Father), Takeo Fujiwara (Younger Brother).
    School: Ikimono class at Tsukaikoyo High School, Kitahiroshima, Ishikari Subprefecture, Hokkaido.
    Elemental Affinity: Fire.
    Advanced Elemental Affinity: N/A.
    Love Relationships?: Only a slight crush on someone...

    Name: Mizuko Uma (Pronounced: Me-zoo-ko You-mah).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 15.
    Hometown: Ishikari, Ishikari Subprefecture, Hokkaido.
    Species: Kappa.
    Appearance: Dark skin, wavy shoulder-length slate blue hair and bright turquoise eyes. When not in her school uniform she wears a dark purple short-sleeve blouse, a pair of white shorts, a pair of dark purple high lace-up shoes with heels, a brass knit scarf and a brass-coloured puffy hat.
    Personality: Formal, smart and often quite distant; she occasionally tries to trick people who annoy her and can be a little rude if someone is being an idiot.
    Skills: She’s a good singer and easily remembers details.
    Family: Kaiyo Uma (Mother), Oshan Uma (Father).
    School: Ikimono class at Tsukaikoyo High School, Kitahiroshima, Ishikari Subprefecture, Hokkaido.
    Elemental Affinity: Metal.
    Advanced Elemental Affinity: Thunder.
    Love Relationships?: None.
    Overall favourites:
    Favourite Female character overall: Tsuyu Asui.
    Favourite Male character overall: Kaze.
    Favourite Main character: A tie between Twilight Sparkle and Izuku Midoriya.
    MHA favourites:
    Favourite character: Tsuyu Asui.
    Favourite Female character: Tsuyu Asui.
    Favourite Male character: A tie between Shoto Todoroki and Hitoshi Shinso.
    Favourite Non-student charcater: Himiko Toga.
    Favourite Student outside of 1-A: Hitoshi Shinso.
    Favourite Teachers: Best commentator duo ;).

    Fire Emblem Favourites:
    Favourite Female character (Fates): Elise.
    Favourite Male character (Fates): Kaze.
    Favourite Female character (Awakening): Lissa
    Favourite Male character (Awakening): A tie between Lon'qu and Chrom.
    Please don't talk about memes (other than nyan cat in a non-serious context), dumb ships, and certain characters I dislike, to me.
    I wish Virion and mineta didn't exist...
    Here, have a cookie for reading this far.
    Pokemon Showdown: PrincessPika102.
    GPX Plus: PrincessPika.
    PokéFarm Q: PrincessPika.
    Dragon Cave: PrincessPika.
    Tumblr: myprincesspikaworld.

    Virtuadopt: PrincessPika.
    ImageBB: Pika (pika-ocs).
    Daily Piky blog: everydaypika.
    Egg Cave: princesspika.
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