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Paeon Kanetsu

Paeon Kanetsu

Previously Markus Daymo, Male, from Petalburg City

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    I'm a Nuzlocker who want's to have fun! So here are my adventures with my partner Gex the Sceptile and how many I won.

    Hoenn (Ruby) [Trainer Pokemon level raised by 5%]: Win!
    Johto (Heartgold) [Trainer Pokemon level raised by 25%]: Win!
    Kanto (Leafgreen): Not yet
    Sinnoh (Diamond) [Trainer Pokemon level raised by 40%]: Starting
    Unova (Black): Not yet

    Also, I want to make a Roleplay but I really don't want to mess it up. So that's on hold for now.
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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Leaf Blade
    Strong willed


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    1. infernape501st
      Hey you alive?
      1. Willow Tree likes this.
    2. _obsequious
      I just realized that it was your birthday a little while ago! I’m so used to looking at your profile and it saying “Male, 17” and then it chANGED and i was like woAHHH so happy belated birthday!!
      1. Shikowara likes this.
      2. Paeon Kanetsu
        Paeon Kanetsu
        Sep 23, 2018
        _obsequious likes this.
    3. Paeon Kanetsu
      Paeon Kanetsu
      Ah. How a journey comes to a end. That is the tale of Pokemon Sinnoh Adventures. Thanks to everyone who participated! It was fun!
      1. Shen: King of Digimon likes this.
      2. Shen: King of Digimon
        Shen: King of Digimon
        Yeah it was, one of the best i’ve Ever been a part of.
        Mar 24, 2018
        Paeon Kanetsu likes this.
    4. Paeon Kanetsu
      Paeon Kanetsu
      Christmas time! So that means I'll be gone for a while... But don't worry! As a great man once said, the fun has just begun! See you soon!!
      1. Ariados twice likes this.
    5. Cloudswift
      I went to the recent activity section because I had nothing better to do and saw your profile pic when you posted on something. The character reminds me of Lukas from Minecraft Story Mode, do you know that game? XD Sorry I'm just desperate for more people that know MCSM. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      1. Shikowara likes this.
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      3. Cloudswift
        Oh, okay.

        I don't personally see it as a storybook, in fact I like to see it as somewhat similar to Undertale. Just less...Undertale-ey. I still like Undertale tho XD
        Nov 20, 2017
      4. Paeon Kanetsu
        Paeon Kanetsu
        Ah... I guess. Maybe that's another reason I never got into it. I've played Undertale and... I like the characters... but I find the game hard to play. Not in terms of difficulty, but in terms of I can't sit down and play through the game. I constantly restarted after Toriel. Never got farther...
        Nov 20, 2017
        Cloudswift likes this.
      5. Cloudswift
        Ah. I like story-based games more than MMOs or puzzle games or stuff like that. Really the only games I play that aren't RPGs or other story-based games are Minecraft and Terraria.
        Nov 20, 2017
        Paeon Kanetsu likes this.
    6. Paeon Kanetsu
      Paeon Kanetsu
      Well... Gotta say, being gone for a while just stops any hope of an RP you want to do... and school will just bring that to a final halt...
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