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Canadian Daydreamer, Male, 18, from Newfoundland, Canada

Fairy Water
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    Hey there, everyone! My name is Novalune, the Canadian Daydreamer! Thank you so much for checking out my profile.
    Well, I suppose that isn't my true identity.

    My name is actually Dylan, and I was born and raised on an island called Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean. I am a young Canadian lad who has a persevering personality, and a devotion for writing expressively. I have been looking to do something in creative writing, or human resources someday.

    Exploring the natural environment. The natural environment is something that I believe is worth exploring, and being appreciative of. No matter how many times that I choose to go outside to the same sceneries, parks, walking trails, and playgrounds; I will more than likely never be disappointed. I am so fortunate that I live on an island where I have the ability to go outside of my household, and observe so many fascinating sceneries. I am so grateful that I have the freedom to experience the natural environment around me for myself. Not just by myself, but I am gratified that I am able to experience the natural environment with so many other walks of life.

    Writing stories. Not only do I enjoy writing stories of my own from my imagination, but I also enjoy reading stories that were made by other people. This gives me an opportunity to enhance my vocabulary, and develop my consciousness. Throughout my life, I would like to be able to gain a valuable amount of inspiration from other people. For the past couple of years, I believe that writing has become a sincere passion of mine. My ambition for writing has grown so much that I am more than likely to write something of my own everyday.

    Listening to a plentiful amount of music. There are a lot of musicians that I look up to. I will go as far as to say that I enjoy listening to a lot of musicians on a periodic basis. I do not listen to a lot of contemporary music. I suppose you could say that I have a personal affection for a lot of music that comes from the 1970s, 1980s, and 2000s. Musicians that I personally enjoy listening to include:
    • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    • David Bowie
    • Nelly Furtado
    • Billy Joel
    • Coldplay
    • Daryl Hall and John Oates
    • George Harrison
    • Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
    • Kylie Minogue
    I am still working on this part of my profile. Stay tuned for new information about myself. Please take good care of yourselves, and have a splendid day! Thank you so much for reading.

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    1. Novalune
      Make way for the Canadian Daydreamer! I shall make it my mission to find out more about myself, and to fulfil my supernatural destiny.
    2. Novalune
      Not only am I a radiant supernova, but I am also an eloquent Casanova. I am Novalune, and I hope to one day become an inspiring luminary!
    3. Novalune
      Please do not be afraid to shine bright like a diamond. You deserve to be valued, and respected in this world. You've got a friend in me.
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