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    I'm just a Krookodile who isn't all comfortable with humans, my crew is Aerodactyl and Lucario; they look after me and I look over them. I don't stay with my other kind much, I wander off alot. My other friend Garchomp, lives waaay far away. He's always hanging around the ruins, in the ground stalking Trainers. Like me.

    My personal ability is Strong Jaw, and my hidden ability is Anger Point. I'm not all that easy to handle, i'll clamp you up in 5 seconds. No really, I WILL.

    I have no living idea what you girls do in your time, I know all about us boys. I heard that Gardevoir and Sylveon started a new trend somewhere, I literally have no idea what they are talking about. But that's what I hear, always girl-chat and talking for eternities.

    I'll tell you once, and ONLY ONCE. I absolutely, HATE Hippowdon, nothing is worse then them; well besides Vespiquen and Beedrill. But Hippowdon cannot get any worse, they always scare my pack and crew. I cannot stand them! Hippopatos, they are fine; good for snack too... I mean... good for chatting with too. Years ago, my great ancestors Feraligatr and Salazlle, teamed up and defeated the Hippos.

    that's all about me now, what about you?
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    Oct 27, 2018 at 4:18 PM
    Jun 2, 2018
    Favourite Pokémon
    (1) Lucario (2) Krookodile/Feraligatr (3) Aerodactyl (4) Gardevoir (5) Garchomp
    Favourite Pokémon Move
    Aura Sphere, Fly, Dig, Water Pulse, and Dragon Pulse
    Hates to lose


    • Riolu and the Mega Key Stone: Riolu and the Mega Keystone

      Riolu- a rare Pokemon that is worth thousands. A Pokemon Poacher caught one way beyond the limits of the road, into a Pokemon Village. It cried for help, but nothing came.... The Poacher stopped and heard creepy, creepy laughing in the middle of nowhere. Cradling with fear, he jumped out of the truck and ran to his town. Riolu was left there--- All. Alone. With nobody, nothing. Just itself. Crying on the ground... ( This is my first story ever! I hope you all enjoy ) ( Still W.I.P. )

      Jun 2, 2018 479 words
    • Riolu and the Mega Key Stone: Riolu and the Mega Keystone

      Ep. 2: The Cave

      Jun 6, 2018 150 words
    • Sandile

      Jun 2, 2018 1 Like

    Trainer Cards

    1. NindoTheReptile
      So i'm back but i'm in Middle School now, it's driving me absolutely insane.... I have so many tests and so much homework and work to do....
    2. NindoTheReptile
      I'm probably gonna come on daily, time to time. I may have to take my next school test.
    3. NindoTheReptile
      Well hello, i'm Nindo. I love all Pokemon, but my partners are Crocodile Pokemon; along with Aerodactyl and Lucario. Very glad to be here.
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