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    Just your average pokemon fan. I use only Water types as I always wanted to see what it would be like to be a gym leader and Water pokemon have always been by favorites. I had 3 on my team in Gen 1 though my first play though (Blastoise, Gyarados, Starmie) so I decided after that to only use water types in other play throughs. In Gen 3 however I began to think being a professor of water types would be cool too. So I figured after I saw Crasher Wake do both in the anime my character could do both too.
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      Indanoh, a new region south of Kanto ,creates its pokemon league below are the battles in the league. The professor that gives you your pokemon is Professor Muro. He lets you like from a vast variety of starters (think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) and is later to be revealed as a gym leader and champion. Also A gym leader named Jay runs two gyms that are constructed as one. Trainer cards of the leaders and other featured characters like your rivals are in my trainer card section. Keep in mind I wanted to make a game with somewhat harder gyms to force leveling. Battles are also different with each gym having a different way to conduct battle (Think Pokemon Battle Revolution). Also The Elite 4 and The Champion are returning gym leaders. It is revealed to a player that in a gym battle Gym leaders go easy on them but not in the Elite 4. There is a (Legend) mode where some of the Leaders and Elite 4's pokemon are switched with legendaries. Constructive comments are welcome. I'll post more on the actual story if the game after I get some feed back on the battles. Held items not yet decided on for battles. However pokemon,moves,genders, and tm/hm rewards are.

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