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Marabelle the Charmer

Marabelle the Charmer

Female, from Lumiose City

Fairy Dragon
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    Marabelle Waddington's Background/Backstory
    When Marabelle was younger, she lived with her mother, father, and little sister. They lived in a small but comfortable house in Laverre City. Marabelle’s father, Joshua Waddington, was a professor that study fairy pokémon, he had fallen in love with their beauty; traveling a lot, studying them in their natural habitats. Her mother, Gwen Waddington, stayed at home, taking care of her and her little sister, Katy. Katy was three years young than Marabelle but they got along just fine. As Marabelle grew older, she and Katy grew much more distance due to their dislikes in each others choice in pokémon. Katy loved Ghost-type pokémon and Marabelle loved fairy types. Ghost-types and Katy’s love for them, scaring Marabelle away from home. She travels for a bit to strengthen her pokémon, and after challenging her first gym battle, she headed home. When she got there, Katy still lived at home and only left the house for errands that she ran for her mother; she would stay in her room/lab studying fossils. When she had returned home, she received the news that her father had passed away; Marabelle stayed home to help her mother for the next two years. After the time had passed, she decided it was time to finally take on the world and the gym she had wanted to beat since she was a girl, the Fairy Type Gym. She won, her first time and was certified in the gym she held the dearest in her heart, since when she saw her father fight in the gym when she was a girl. She went home, letting her mother know that it was time for her to set out once more, to study pokémon, just like her father once had. Now, she travels, analyzing and studying different types of pokémon and their behavior; catching some from time to time and giving extra to new trainers, keepers/breeder, and aquariums.
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    Feb 19, 2019 at 4:30 AM
    Feb 10, 2019
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    1. Andrewski
      Hey there, welcome to Pokécharms!
      1. Marabelle the Charmer
        Feb 11, 2019
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    2. Marabelle the Charmer
      Marabelle the Charmer
      "Ugh, why can't I walk straight?"
      1. Killerbunny the god
        Killerbunny the god
        Cause you're not straight xD :p
        Feb 12, 2019
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