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Krill Bladehenge

Krill Bladehenge

Female, 29, from Fortree City

Bug Psychic
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    Krill Bladehenge, professional slacker and world's fastest drummer, had been captured by the United States government due to her ultra-fast beatmaking caused 14 buildings in Portland, Oregon to fall down after a sonically induced soundquake that measured a 9.4 on the Richter scale. After being coerced into being subjected to experiments at a secret military research facility, Krill's feet where labelled weapons of double bass destruction. Apparently 23 people were killed; another 74 severely injured after being subjected to Krill's unrestrained drumming for only 41.7 sec in one of the experiments. The physical injuries consisted mostly of severe face melting, while the psychological traumas often resulted in the complete lack of ability to appreciate any other form of music than metal.
    The military instantly saw the devastating potential, but failed to find any practical use for it, partly due to Krill's complete lack of willingness to cooperate in anything that might harm people. The military then decided to incarcerate her for life at one of their secret internment camps, but after realizing that there was no facility that she wouldn't be able to drum her way out of, a compromise was reached. It consisted of two parts; the first one was a short term memory wipe so that she wouldn't remember the experiments, and the second being the construction of two ultra high density foot weights (partly made up by the incredibly expensive and synthetically manufactured element 108, Hassium ) that Krill was hypnotized into always wanting to wear.
    The foot weights prevent her from playing fast or hard enough to injure anyone, although there was actually never much concern about this, considering her 'Dalai Lama' -esque nature, and the hypnosis was by some considered enough.
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