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~J-Rock Is My Aesthetic~

~J-Rock Is My Aesthetic~

Genderflux, from sOmEwhERe

Dark Water
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    - Damian/Dayn/Miiette/Xaviier
    Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fairy Empire, Boku No Hero, Steven Universe, Yuuri!!! On ICE, CrankThatFrank, Doctor Who, Nico Di Angelo, Ryan Ross, pastel colours (I'm into weird stuff, I know.)

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    • Prinxiety

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    • James

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    • DepartAche

      It was September 16th. The day was Sunday, so Damien didn’t have to work the cafe. Damien woke up at about 8:35AM, to the sound of wind and light rain drizzling like a cat stepping up hard stairs. Damien unsteadily got up from the floor to look at what time it was. “It’s only 8:36 AM?” he uttered to himself. Damien fell onto a massive heap of pillows stacked on his futon. Just as he was about to fall back asleep, he heard the relaxing sound of lo-fi hip hop coming from his phone. Damien picked the phone up from the floor, unsure of what was causing a notification this early in the morning. “Could it be Ryuki?” Damien thought. “Couldn’t be him. He never gets up this early on weekends, especially on Sundays. And if it was urgent, he’d tell me in person.” Damien rationalized. But little did Damien know… his relationship with Ryuki was about to change. 4 Hours later, Damien is up and out of the house.

      Oct 17, 2018 4 words
    • Asriel light thing IDK

      Sep 13, 2018 3 Likes

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    1. Pokémon Golder
      Pokémon Golder
      Oh! A random follow! Thanks, dude!
      1. ~J-Rock Is My Aesthetic~
        Nov 14, 2018
    2. TooBlue12
      Thanks for following me! :)
      1. ~J-Rock Is My Aesthetic~
        ~J-Rock Is My Aesthetic~
        You're welcome!
        Nov 12, 2018
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    3. ~J-Rock Is My Aesthetic~
    4. SS-I Never
      SS-I Never
      Hello, newbie! Welcome to Pokécharms! This place is great for Pokémon lovers, and for those who have different interests!
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      2. SS-I Never
        SS-I Never
        If you ever need any help, just ask me! I'll be glad to! :)
        Sep 10, 2018
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