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Fluffy Zorua 123

Fluffy Zorua 123

Male, 21, from Unova

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    Hello my favorite Pokemon is Zorua I mostly get on from a tablet which apparently cannot preview first post and since I didn't know this existed on computer when i complained about people not putting trainer in the title of their trainer RPs the mods assumed I was on computer an now that discussion is gone. *sigh* well anyway my second favorite Pokemon is vulpix I have been playing Pokemon since leaf green. Also my favorite electric type is joltik and yes even though I have been playing Pokemon since game boy advance my favorite gen is gen 5 a because all the bug Pokemon families have at least one viable evolution ary stage ( one the only viable stage is the middle with evolite but still viable) first bug legendary it brought Zorua it brought joltik this generation was the only generation with difficulty settings you could fight any gym leader elite four member or champion gen five and below I really like the idea of the whole kyreum combining thing ( I prefer black kyreum) before this generation there was only one reason to use a fire move on your team and that was scizor now there are three including ferrothorn and A new bug steel type this time an amazing trick room Pokemon. This ment that this generation made fire types more viable because as far as the type chart goes they were probably in the top couple worst types if based souly on type chart my avatar was made by GalaxySky
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    Jul 22, 2017 at 12:39 AM
    Apr 7, 2017
    Jun 5, 1999
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    Skill swap and beat up tie here
    Impetuous and silly

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    1. Sun and Moon
    2. Shrine
      Ahhhh! It's been far too long since we've talked! Nice to see you again!・ᴗ・
    3. UltimateChatotGamer
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      2. UltimateChatotGamer
        May 12, 2017
      3. Fluffy Zorua 123
        Fluffy Zorua 123
        Yes the alert system doesn't always work sadly
        May 12, 2017
      4. Fluffy Zorua 123
        Fluffy Zorua 123
        Yes the alert system doesn't always work sadly
        May 12, 2017
    4. iopunny
      Hi Fluffy Zorua 123
      1. Fluffy Zorua 123
        Apr 26, 2017
    5. Azurea
      Thx for the follow!
      1. PokeKitty42404
        Same 4 me!!:blush:!!
        Apr 22, 2017
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      2. SS-I Never
        SS-I Never
        Same, but why?
        Apr 24, 2017
    6. BlazethefirewolfGAMING
      Hi thanks for following me
      1. BlazethefirewolfGAMING
        Hey wanna make a chat or role play?
        Apr 21, 2017
    7. Aku Toriyama
      Aku Toriyama
      Thanks! ^v^ *Paps*
    8. WolfyPop
      Thanks for the follow! And welcome to Charms!
    9. Sky_
      Oh look, another Zorua fan. Have a follow!
      1. Fluffy Zorua 123
        Fluffy Zorua 123
        My favorite lead in doubles is mega swampert with a girafarig with skill swap and sap sipper that way after turn one mega swampert is immune to grass and gets attacks ups from it then just bring in a petal blizzard Pokemon and attack up every turn for mega swampert
        Apr 8, 2017
      2. Sky_
        Yeah, I got absolutley destroyed by that in OR because my MVP was a mega Sceptile
        Apr 8, 2017
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