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    New training improvement features, online competitions and events announced for Sword/Shield

    [ATTACH] We're just barely over a week away from the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield and today we've got the first details on some...

    SW_SH_6Nov_EN_10.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_12.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_11.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_24.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_13.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_18.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_17.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_15.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_25.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_20.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_19.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_22.jpg SW_SH_6Nov_EN_01.jpg

    Forum: Pokécharms News

    Nov 6, 2019