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~Classified~, 17, from your dreams<3

Fairy Electric
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    Greetings~ Welcome to my profile page! I will not recall about my gender or other personal things about myself, though my gender would probably be obvious by now but please consider me as them/they.

    Things I do like:
    SYLVEON! No questioning about it! I really love Sylveon so much! It’s such an adorable pokémon~ Even if some people make Sylveon look scary, but seeing the design of Sylveon is just too cute!
    FAIRY TYPES! Well, no duh. If I like Sylveon, then that means I love Fairy types!
    ROLEPLAYS! Roleplaying is one of the things that I like, mostly to improve my skills for literature and narrative writing! This way, I can actually learn more of my mistakes and able to use new techniques to improve it!
    CANDY! Candies are sweet~ Though, I don’t eat too much of it.

    Things I don’t like:
    Extreme Gore Stuff. I don’t like having to see SO many blood... It’s just, euugh...
    Non-Professional Roleplayers. I don’t want to be considered as mean and rude, but it just annoys me to see someone who doesn’t have more than 50% experience in roleplaying...
    Trollers. The obvious thing about this is obvious, extremely annoying. They ruin almost everything!

    My Availability:
    Sunday: All Day
    Monday: All Day
    Tuesday: All Day
    Wednesday: All Day
    Thursday: All Day
    Friday: All Day
    Saturday: All Day
    What’s currently happening: Just Chores.
    Current Status: Average (This means that my activity is stable.)

    Name: Cherry
    Gender: Female
    Species: Sylveon
    Personality: Gentle and calm, does not have a lot of fighting experience. A sibling of Themis.
    Characteristics: Wears a Shiny-stone pendant, just around her neck below her neck-ribbon.

    Name: Themis
    Gender: Male
    Species: Eevee
    Personality: Very young. He’s energetic and very cheerful at some times. Mostly a trouble maker. A sibling of Cherry.
    Characteristics: Slightly smaller than a normal Eevee. Wears a red bandanna around his neck.

    Name: Ren
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dedenne
    Personality: Often runs around freely, loves to pull of pranks/tricks against others.
    Characteristics: Wears a white scarf with a silvery texture around his neck.

    Name: Kitori
    Gender: Female
    Species: Buneary [Shiny]
    Personality: Often quiet and shy, likes to spend most of her time alone.
    Characteristics: Wears a red scarf around her neck.

    Name: Churn
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gengar
    Personality: Often considered as creepy, loves to pull of pranks for fun.
    Characteristics: His eyes are cold blue.

    Name: Yumi
    Gender: Female
    Species: Eevee [Shiny]
    Personality: Young. Gentle, calm and often quiet. Prefers to spend time alone than with others, dislikes having to talk with strangers.
    Characteristics: Wears a red bow tied around her left ear.

    Name: Milo
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pichu
    Personality: Very young. Mostly quiet, though when he finds a friend he usually becomes more energetic and cheerful.
    Characteristics: Has Blue eyes and wears a red scarf around his neck.

    Name: Kagumii Shorayu (Kah-Goo-Me Sho-Rah-You)
    Nickname: Kamurii (Kah-Moo-Ree)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kagumii is able to understand what pokémon are saying, telepathically, as she was born with an unknown power. Quiet, shy, gentle, often nervous, she is not very strategic but her pokémon helps her out by calling to her, she isn’t very good at communicating with other humans, but good with pokémon. She likes pokémon that are often humble and nice, but afraid of the ones that are aggressive.
    Backstory: At the birth of Kagumii, she was raised by rich parents who had manners of gold but souls that are cold. At the age of 2, her parents found that she was having some mental illness, or so they thought it was, which they told about a doctor to analyze it, the doctor declared that she had an unknown power that allowed her to understand what pokémon are saying. Her parents thought the doctor were crazy, so they told that it is a mental illness as no mere human were able to understand pokémon, theoretically. After the age of 3, she became an orphan as her parents are no more with her, which they have abandoned her because of them unable to pay for her medical requirements. She was sitting down under a tree in a forest, moaning for her parents to come back. When her parents didn’t come for her, she was soon greeted by an Eevee, who cuddled upon her to comfort. As she grew to age 10, she and the Eevee decided to be partners, as the Eevee was her very first pokémon partner and decided to name the Eevee, Saffira. At the age of 13, Saffira had evolved into a Vaporeon with the help of a water stone that Kagumii found when venturing into a cave. During that time, she spotted a Shiny Eevee, just watching them, she felt bad for it and walked towards it. It tried to act all strong, but Kagumii held no grudge that it wanted to help it. Kagumii and the Shiny Eevee decided to be partners, she named him Takobi and loved both of Saffira and Takobi very much. At the age of 14, Takobi was injured and harmed by a wild Houndoom, before the Houndoom could pounce on Takobi, Kagumii ran up and took the hit for him. Takobi was caught in surprise, as he watched Kagumii suffer the hit. He then glowed, evolving into a Sylveon. He beat the Houndoom and stayed with Kagumii to make sure she was okay. At the age of 16, she then found an abandoned Clefable with a Togekiss. She felt really bad for them, so she decided to take them with her as friends. They both accepted and soon became partners with Kagumii.

    : 17
    Height: 5”0
    Weight: 94 lbs.
    Body: Lithe
    Hair Length: 18”0, quite long
    Hairstyle: Tied back, Ponytail
    Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
    Eye Color: Sky blue, often sparkles when exposed by sunlight
    Skin Color: Warm Silk


    — Standard Outfit —
    Top: Radiant Blue, Kimono
    Bottom: Pure Black, Leggings
    Shoes: Shiny Black, Moccasins
    Accessory[1]: A relatively, large Blue ribbon, that ties her hair into a ponytail
    Accessory[2]: A relatively, large Blue ribbon tied around her neck
    Accessory[3]: Dark Blue, Sling bag for her left shoulder

    — Pokémon Team —
    Nickname: Saffira (Saf-Fee-Rah)
    Level: 50
    Species: Vaporeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Often cheerful, but protective when it comes in grave situations.

    Nickname: Takobi (Tah-Ko-B)
    Level: 50
    Species: Shiny Sylveon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Reckless and aggressive most of the time, doesn’t really listen well. Even with his attitude, he deeply cares for Kagumii.

    Nickname: Taffy
    Level: 48
    Species: Clefable
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sweet and kind, doesn’t really fight often which she usually acts a support for her ally or other pokémon.

    Nickname: Tappy
    Level: 48
    Species: Togekiss
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kind and caring, often gets distracted a lot. He loves to freely fly around and battle too.
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    Feb 20, 2018
    Sep 5, 2002
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    1. DesuCat
      I’ve seriously toned down my ways of shading so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of mess. xP
      1. Andrewski likes this.
    2. *that* gay guy
      *that* gay guy
      Hey uh I joined your Pokemon rp like ages ago and I'm wondering if there's a possibility I could somehow get back into the rp? If not let me know I will completely understand
      1. DesuCat
        You can if you want, but it’ll be a bit difficult to get caught up though
        May 20, 2018
      2. *that* gay guy
        *that* gay guy
        Would just making a new character and throwing them in just be easier?
        May 21, 2018
      3. DesuCat
        Yeah, it actually would
        May 21, 2018
        *that* gay guy likes this.
    3. DesuCat
      I have to admit, making digital art takes over hours!! (ówò”)
      1. 33v33_lover and TooBlue12 like this.
    4. Pink Guy- Help is my jam
      Pink Guy- Help is my jam
      I have no idea how to the personal message so I'm so sorry, but may I join your rp? (the one you last created about 1 hour ago)
      1. DesuCat
        Actually, it was created a few weeks ago. But to do PMs and such, just start a conversation with them instead! And yes, you may join, even though you didn’t really have to ask since the prefix was set to “OPEN” though. If you’re new around here, I understand, but you only ask if the prefix is set to “Closed/Private” or “Ask to Join”.
        Apr 12, 2018
        33v33_lover likes this.
    5. DesuCat
      umbreon x sylveon is da best
      1. *that* gay guy and 33v33_lover like this.
    6. DesuCat
      I feel like making a comic, but all I can do is draw on paper... Should I make a comic on paper then? <(óAò<)
      1. 33v33_lover and Vocaloid Emblem like this.
      2. DesuCat
        Like a series is what I mean.
        Apr 2, 2018
        Vocaloid Emblem likes this.
      3. Vocaloid Emblem
        Vocaloid Emblem
        yes, yes! Your short comics are already really good, id love to see a series!
        Apr 3, 2018
        DesuCat likes this.
    7. DesuCat
      Anyone else like Sylveon? ฅ(^•ω•^ฅ)
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Peachy Ace
        Peachy Ace
        I forgot, but I know one of the admins doesn't favor fairy types, it's in the Charms quiz
        Mar 27, 2018
        AceyPie likes this.
      3. Killerbunny the god
        Killerbunny the god
        I love Sylveon
        Mar 28, 2018
      4. Dove_the_Fox
        ME!! *waves my arms around vigorously* I LOVE SYLVEON!!! ♥
        Apr 6, 2018
    8. FrostCrispz
      Heh, your username reminds me of Desposito, no offence XD
      1. DesuCat
        Wait, how? xD
        Mar 23, 2018
      2. FrostCrispz
        When I first saw it, i read DespisitoCat for some reason, mainly cause I was listening to the song...
        Mar 23, 2018
    9. *that* gay guy
      *that* gay guy
      Sorry you my post wasn't a paragraph, I'm on my phone and it's kinda hard to tell how long each post will be
      1. DesuCat
        Don’t worry, I’m on my phone too! Just use the height of your lines, that should help you.
        Mar 22, 2018
      2. *that* gay guy
        *that* gay guy
        Ok, I'll try, sorry if some of em are short
        Mar 22, 2018
        DesuCat likes this.
    10. DesuCat
      There is more to life than simply desiring the one that you want, you could become something bigger than that!
      1. 33v33_lover and TooBlue12 like this.
    11. Trihexa
      Hi, do you mind if I join your rp?
      1. DesuCat
        Yes! It’s an Open form, which means you can join in whenever! ^^
        Mar 17, 2018
      2. Trihexa
        Ok, thanks
        Mar 17, 2018
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