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A female who listens to musicals and reads, from Grasping at Straws in Different Realms

Fire Dark
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    hi! I'm Violet, Via, or Ace (whichever), and I'm a female from the Philippines. I don't go on Charms as much as I used to, but I love this website nonetheless! I have a bunch of fandoms and listen to a lot of musicals, haha.
    I also have been under the influence of depression and a bit of anxiety for almost three years. Don't know why I told you that. I shouldn't have.

    Main Fandoms
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Be More Chill

    Quotes I think are important
    "If you never get around to doing some remarkable thing, that doesn't mean that you're not worth remembering!"
    - Connor Murphy, Dear Evan Hansen
    "The world has no right to my heart, the world has no place in our bed, you'll sleep in your office instead, with only the memories of when you were mine!"
    - Eliza Schuyler, Hamilton
    "Everything about me is so terrible.."
    - Jeremy Heere, Be More Chill
    "We're all damaged, we're all frightened, we're all freaks and that's alright."
    - Veronica Sawyer, Heathers: The Musical
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    Mar 27, 2020 at 5:51 PM
    Sep 12, 2016
    October 18
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    Mystical Fire
    Often lost in thought


    • Vent Letters. (Chap 1)

      Emma Rolin's mother has been gone for Arceus knows how long. Now that her father's dead, Emma is itching for an excuse to not be sent to the orphanage. Her father's last words were to find some damned letters. So Emma does. Where does it lead her? Vent Letters. Schedule = Sun - Tue - Thurs. May not post on time.

      Oct 2, 2016 792 words 1 Like
    • My Team Of Six In Pokemon X.

      A month ago, i tried to open my 3DS XL. It wouldn't work. I actually cried. I would never be able to play my Animal Crossing again, never log onto Miiverse again, i would never see the end of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest...do you know the saddest part? I would never see my beloved team of six in Pokemon X. So i've been carrying around this burning feeling in my chest, and i want to let it go. So here's backstory, or a memorial, you could call it, to my cherished Pokemon Feat, Chara, Luke, Cavora, Hermes and Banun. NOTE: This was inspired by that person on Pokecharms who did a written work on how they got they're Pokemon.

      Sep 22, 2016 608 words 2 Likes
    • Sky Fulfills: Danny's Story. (Chap 3, Part 1)

      There was once a trainer named Danny, who plunged into adventures so hollow, With his quiet strong team, While the events that roll, will pressure him hardly through the world. ( Yay, i did it. Sorry for the horrible thing up there. No, this isn't a prophecy. And yes, my Lugia can speak. No matter how absurd. )

      Oct 1, 2016 606 words 2 Likes
    • Leads To The Same.: A Fight Like No Other. (Chap 3)

      Jade refuses to accept that her friends, alive and well, are here. Of all places, HERE. A fight breaks out, and Carrie and Ethan can't do anything about it. Will Alex hold his guard? Or will Jade's words finally break his barriers?

      Sep 30, 2016 388 words 1 Like

    Trainer Cards

    1. DaVioletAce
      HEYY EVERYONE! I'm awake again, and today was a sort of average. Please don't ask.
    2. DaVioletAce
      ok, goodnight everyone!
    3. DaVioletAce
      It's hard to think that me and those other people in my trainer cards as RELATED to me.
    4. DaVioletAce
      Stupid cousin..making me do his trainer card..geddout mai profile...
    5. DaVioletAce
      I'm BACKKK. Su, i am Team Valor for life. Nu asking.
    6. DaVioletAce
      i. am. not. ready. for class. Pls. Cancel. Music. -Me.
    7. DaVioletAce
      I'm back, thanks to the logic of boredom. Anyone on?
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      2. DaVioletAce
        sure. That makes us the most unique.
        Sep 14, 2016
      3. Teapot
        I think we pride ourselves on being unique here at Pokécharms... :p
        Sep 14, 2016
      4. DaVioletAce
        eggxactly. Which is why i love it. Now if you excuse me, i have 5 percent of battery..
        Sep 14, 2016
        Teapot likes this.
    8. DaVioletAce
      Now that there are only few of us left, i'm going. G'bye!
    9. DaVioletAce
      I'm HOME ALONE. Help meeee..
    10. DaVioletAce
      Please...why is my 3DS not getting on...i want to play Fire Emblem Fates and listen to Azura..(or Aqua.)
    11. DaVioletAce
      No. More. Overtime!!! Seriously, it's good, but it's bad.
    12. DaVioletAce
      Waiting for food like an idiot. xDDD
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