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Blue Azure

Blue Azure

Female, from Canada

Water Steel
  • About

    Hello,u can call me Azure!
    Anyone wanting to RP with me,(I want to RP really badly) start a Conversation with me,as I don't have the privileges to join a RP!
    Kubz Scouts
    Man on the Internet
    Bijuu Mike
    The Drawfee Channel
    Reaction Time
    I'll take requests for art. At the moment, I am free and am open for requests! I can draw Pokémon from Gen one to Six as long as they aren't too simple or too complicated ^_^
    UnderSwap(no,not SwapTale, UnderSwap!)
    GZtale(have you seen the trailer for Arc 2?)
    Underverse(Outertale is confirmed!)
    Swapfell(Reading a comic on it!)
    Flowey Possession!(SOOOO GOOD!)
    Flowey is not a good life coach(So many feels!!)
    I am a proud Canadian
    I love Vocaloid
    I like Yandere Simulator
    I do believe in paranormal activity
    I'm tall for my age
    I have A.D.H.D
    I take requests
    I love Undertale
    I am a female
    I am bisexual
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    Written Works
    Trainer Cards
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    Last Activity
    Mar 24, 2017 at 10:49 PM
    Nov 13, 2016
    Favourite Pokémon
    Meganium,Primarina,Shiny Chatot, And Tsareena
    Favourite Pokémon Move
    Sparkling Aura
    Good endurance


    Trainer Cards

    1. Blue Azure
      Blue Azure
      Read my new Story, The PC(Prologue)
      1. Tsu
        Could you read mine.
        Mar 24, 2017 at 8:05 PM
      2. Blue Azure
        Blue Azure
        Ye,I read the one about the Shiny Servine and Umbreon. Want me to read the Fakémon one?
        Mar 24, 2017 at 8:10 PM
    2. TooBlue12
      Thanks for liking my art! :)
      1. Blue Azure likes this.
      2. Blue Azure
        Blue Azure
        It's good! Mind if I make art of you?
        Mar 23, 2017 at 8:06 PM
        TooBlue12 likes this.
      3. TooBlue12
        Sure, I would be honored if you did. :) You are much better at art than me.
        Mar 23, 2017 at 8:12 PM
      4. Blue Azure
        Blue Azure
        Thanks! I'm bored so I'm drawing art of random people on this site!
        Mar 23, 2017 at 8:14 PM
        TooBlue12 likes this.
    3. Blue Azure
      Blue Azure
      Ask for Me Pokésonas are Open! ask Spice and Cecile!
    4. Blue Azure
      Blue Azure
      Me gonna make some Pokésonas!
    5. Prof. Tree and Sceptile
      Prof. Tree and Sceptile
      hey @Blue Azure whats up? I found this cool game called Undertale Yellow and this is my favourite music from it.
      1. Blue Azure
        Blue Azure
        Nice..but......JUST found it? I played it the day it came out, dude! I'd been watching the project since the trailer came out!
        Feb 26, 2017
    6. The Protato
      The Protato
      I recently got into Undertale, so I decided to try out a fanart for Sans; a fusion between Sans and Slenderman. I was hoping you could check it out and tell me what you think.
      1. Blue Azure
        Blue Azure
        It's pretty good! Probably better than what I could, to be honest!nice work,Protato!
        Feb 16, 2017
        The Protato likes this.
      2. The Protato
        The Protato
        Awwwww, thanks. I thinky you could easily do better than that, honestly.
        Feb 16, 2017
    7. Palusokudo
      Thx for the follow broa *follows back*
      1. Blue Azure
        Blue Azure
        No prob! Ye got good art and you seem nice enough for a follow in my books!
        Feb 13, 2017
        Palusokudo likes this.
    8. Blue Azure
      Blue Azure
      "Your Determination Determines Your Destination"
    9. Blue Azure
      Blue Azure
      "Your Determination Determines your Destination"
      1. AsrielDreemurr and Palusokudo like this.
    10. Blue Azure
      Blue Azure
      Currently Workin on Pokesonas!
      1. AsrielDreemurr likes this.
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