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Moderator of Elder Scrolls, Female, 43, from London

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    Jul 4, 2019 at 11:39 PM
    Oct 8, 2004
    Jun 21, 1976
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    • The Writing on the Wall

      Hadvar was in charge of the prisoner list when the Imperial Legion tried to execute Ulfric Stormcloak at Helgen. Among the prisoners was an amnesiac priest from Cyrodiil, who knew nothing other than that his name was Martin. He wasn't on Hadvar's list, and was clearly not a Stormcloak, but the Captain in charge said he should be executed anyway. Then a dragon appeared in Skyrim for the first time in centuries, and burned the town to the ground. Hadvar fled to Whiterun, to tell Jarl Balgruuf what had happened, taking Martin with him. Now they're in Bleak Falls Barrow looking for a Dragonstone for Farengar, Balgruuf's court wizard. They encounter many undead warriors, and a strange stone wall with mysterious runes engraved upon it. One of them has the *oddest* magical experience, and the other has to save him from certain death. A Skyrim story. Canon-typical violence and gay content. Not suitable for children. Part 1 in a series.

      Nov 8, 2013 5,000 words 6 Likes
    • What the Innkeeper Saw

      The Dragonborn and his friends walk into your inn. After saving your village from a dragon, they have to save the Dragonborn from its soul. A Skyrim fanfic. Canon-typical violence with Angst. Rated Teen.

      Sep 26, 2013 4,517 words 1 Like
    • Alix de Feu

      Oct 2, 2014
    • Christmas Card with Plushies

      Dec 25, 2013 3 Likes
    1. Kraisia
      added you from the friend safari thread, my code is 2277-8041-7822 =)
      1. baratron
        Okay, I've added you back!
        Nov 15, 2013
    2. baratron
      Hmm. It's Saturday and I finally have nothing else to do. Play X, or play Skyrim?
    3. baratron
      I've had such a bad headache today that I haven't even wanted to play X/Y :(.
    4. baratron
      Went shopping in London yesterday and "met" 10 people with my 3DS. Might have met more if I'd thought to clear them out...
      1. baratron
        All but one of them had last played X or Y, but I didn't get the Achievement for meeting three people in a row playing the same game because some had X and some had Y. Bah!
        Oct 20, 2013
    5. baratron
      Hoping one of these Charmander eggs will hatch female...
      1. HASAWESOME and MandyLandy62 like this.
    6. baratron
      "In the four or so years I've not been here, not much has changed, except Bara appears to be the grumpy one now." - @Nemesis. Laughing! :)
    7. baratron
      Finally worked out how to get more people into Black City/White Forest today, not that ANY of the guides online explain it terribly well!
    8. baratron
      I have my 3DS games restored. It "only" took about 5 hours. More free advice: Do not try using PNY SD cards in a 3DS. Stick to a proper make
    9. baratron
      NEVER attempt to merge the contents of 2 x 3DS SD cards. It doesn't work! Nintendo doesn't want you to do that!
    10. baratron
      Finally got X, 12 hours later than everyone else in the UK (because I got the download)... now resetting for a female starter :(.
    11. baratron
      There are times when being a moderator is really hard work. I bet those of you who only want the "power" forget that :(.
      1. MandyLandy62 likes this.
      2. Linkachu
        Amen to that.
        Oct 9, 2013
      3. ShinyZekrom009
        No, I figured it was a tough job and I'm not really seeking it out. Plus, who would want to give ME responsibility? :D
        Oct 9, 2013
    12. baratron
      Cannot decide whether to play X with an entirely Kalos team, or whether to mix in my favourite older Pokemon...
    13. baratron
      Finished Pokemon White last night, only 2 years late. Thought the Elite Four were surprisingly easy, but catching Zekrom was a pain.
    14. baratron
      SO MANY X/Y LEAKS! Cannot decide what I feel about half of them, either...
      1. MandyLandy62 likes this.
    15. baratron
      Busy writing horrible fanfic. If it was Pokemon-related, I'd post it on the Creative Corner. As it is, I'm not sure.
    16. baratron
      I am being a menace to Teapot by finding a bug that's caused by Firefox rather than his lovely CSS... Oops.
    17. baratron
      Just saw the Customised Trainer Sprites in the Pokecharms Question and Answer Session news post - if you haven't already, check it out!
    18. baratron
      Now 6 fully EV trained Pokemon. They're not all trained with the EVs that competitive people would choose, but they DO have 510 sensible EVs
      1. Linkachu likes this.
    19. baratron
      Woohoo, 3 fully EV trained Pokemon (in White)!
    20. baratron
      EV training Vanillite is rather tedious when the best possible place to get Sp.Atk EVs is 90% Litwicks... Poor ice cream!
    21. baratron
      Did anyone else know that Dream World deletes all but one of each type of Berry if you don't log in for 100 days? :o
      1. baratron
        I had a huge stock of the EV training Berries. At least 20 of each. Now gone.
        Sep 16, 2013
    22. baratron
      Thought I should collect my Poochyena from the Dream World before it shuts down. Poor thing was last tucked-in on 09/01/11 02:36!
      1. Sir Red
        Sir Red
        I think I have something sitting in there since around that time too, possibly before. >> (I'm gonna leave it.)
        Sep 14, 2013
    23. baratron
      Off to dye my hair green and join Team Flare ;)
    24. baratron
      I seem to have ANOTHER cold. This is not fair. *Retreat into video games*
    25. baratron
      Everyone must go to the Creative Corner and look at Racie's Furret plush! It's awesome!
    26. baratron
      Yay! I found my old avatar by @doggy-ears, so I'm using that even though it's only 100x100 :)
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