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    Yeah, yeah My name is Adrian, son! But you know, others call me aka Adrian Escabar, ya know what I'm sayin'. Cuz I be in the streets y'know. I got all kinds of names like 8 Charts Paperstacks, also known as aka Horse Choka, ummmm.
    aka Pillsberry Dopeboy, aka Luis Rich, Camera Guy: Like the turkey bacon? Yeah, like the, what?
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    Mar 13, 2015 at 10:56 PM
    Aug 27, 2014
    Sep 6, 2002
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    Flame Punch
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    • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon S1 Ep.1: Raichu's Big Break

      Raichu gets his friends locked up in a Dungeon and the Only Possible Way to Save them is to Defeat Steelix, who is the Guardian of the Dungeon for more than 1,000,000 Years!

      Oct 10, 2014 316 words
    • Pokemon DP Orgins Ep.4: Survival of the Fittest

      As our Heros go to Route 2 and for Adrian's 2nd Gym Battle, They meet a Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn Region, Azure, who challenges Adrian To a Battle and encountering A Turtwig and a Piplup!

      Sep 27, 2014 229 words 1 Like
    • Pokemon DP Orgins Ep.7: Free to Evolve

      On their way to the Next Gym, Riolu seems to Evolve after all of the battling.

      Sep 28, 2014 253 words
    • Pokemon Fusion Ep.1: A New Adventure Begins!

      It is Pokemon Flex Force where a Trainer named Flynn becomes a Pokemon Trainer. but His Rival, Korey is always 1 Step ahead of him. So, Flynn is gonna try to beat Korey. His BBF Joseph, However, wants to Travel with Joseph. (Yes, this is the Kanto Region! It's a Kanto Journey, Not Sinnoh or Kalos!)

      Oct 7, 2014 463 words 2 Likes

    Trainer Cards

    1. Thieving Fox
      Thieving Fox
      Dude, check out my new series first chapter, Quick Struggle. It's 3 short battles with no research, well, I do the research but don't show it.
      1. Thieving Fox
        Thieving Fox
        I'm 10 years old, which is probably 100 in Pokémon or something, or past level 18, so yeah I'm probably a Crocanaw.
        Oct 22, 2014
      2. Thieving Fox
        Thieving Fox
        )Satoshi trips over a barrel in He-Man's body( Heh heh. Dumbass.
        Oct 22, 2014
    2. PokemanCraft
      Thanks for the follow!
    3. hackmaster
      thx for the follow
      1. hackmaster
        Oct 10, 2014
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