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Creative Corner Rules

The Creative Corner is all about creativity and expression, so there aren't many rules relating to the actual works. All that we ask is that you follow the basics.

No copying

Any work you upload should be your own creation. Do not re-upload works by others, or works created using a generator (like our own Trainer Card Maker).

A work is considered to be your own if you have created the entire piece from work you have either created yourself, or from a freely available base.

Any bases or other resources used must be attributed in the work with a direct link to the page where it is found. You may only use bases that are clearly marked as free to use by their creators. If there isn't a message saying you can freely use the base, please do not use it.

The only exception to this is official Pokémon sprites and artwork, which can be used as the basis for creative works.

Joltik and Ditto by @Magpie

No flaming

If you have a criticism about someone’s work, then please say so constructively. “I don’t like it, it sucks” isn’t helping anyone. Think how you’d feel if you’d spent ages working on something, just for some random person to come along and say it’s crap. Example of the difference between bashing and Constructive criticism:

Your shading sucks! U r useless


I’d say that your shading is a little off in places. If it helps, try picturing your light source in one of the corners. Anything facing the light would be lighter, and anything facing away will be darker.

I think we can all see which reply is more helpful. Any posts like the top example will earn you a warning.


Before requesting please check that the artist is actually taking requests and how they like requests to be taken. Some artists may prefer requests kept separate from their artwork, via PM, on their profile or in Creative Corner itself.