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Pokécharms Chat Room Rules

Please read and understand the Pokécharms chatroom rules before entering the chatroom.
These rules are specific to the #Pokecharms chatroom. For all intents and purposes, the chat and forums are completely separate entities and will be moderated as such. If you are moderated on the Chatroom, it does not implicate you on the forums (outside of extreme cases).

These rules apply to every single member in the chatroom. That includes staff, regulars and new members. Whatever your status, if you can't play by these rules, your ball will be taken from you and you'll be sent to bed without dinner.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. They are displayed to all users before entering the chatroom, and you will be expected to have read them.

  1. If a staff member tells you to do something, do it. They're in their position for a reason, and their job is to keep the peace. Respect that, please.

    You can tell a staff member by the symbols before their name:
    ~ means admin, @ means moderator, and % means chat moderator. These are staff, and you should follow their instructions.
    + indicates a bot - anyone with this symbol is a computer program and not a real person, and assist us in running the chat. They are not able to speak, so please don't try to talk to them or private message them.
  2. We are not exclusively a Pokémon chat. In fact, we rarely talk about Pokémon for a long time! Do not expect us to talk about Pokémon at your whim. Do not expect us to be impressed if you barge in and announce you beat the game or similar, either.
    • To this end, please don't be offended if we are not interested in trades or battles. People may not always have the time to invest in the games this way.
    • "What's your favourite Pokemon" is about as annoying to be asked every half an hour as you can imagine it to be. Try to come up with an actually interesting conversation topic.
  3. If you cannot follow or contribute to the conversation taking place at the time, that does not give you permission to butt in demanding people explain everything for you, or change to talking about whatever you want to. If it's not a topic you can contribute to, just hang back until one does come up.
  4. Swearing is allowed in the chatroom, so either be prepared to not take offence at whatever may be said, or don't join. Complaining about people swearing is the easiest way to turn the air even more blue.
  5. Do not query or message people directly without asking them in main chat first. It is considered very rude to message someone without asking their permission, so please keep your conversation in the main room.
  6. We only speak English in this chatroom. This means no foreign languages, as there's a very good chance we'll have no way to understand what you're saying. There is absolutely no offence intended with this, but the fact is that a chatroom is analogous to a spoken conversation. If we can't understand each-other, there's no point.
  7. Like the forums, we ask that you do not use chatspeak. This means that if u tlk liek dis, you will get warned, and if you keep it up, you will be banned. This kind of typing is just laziness and it shows rudeness and disrespect to your fellow chatters. Not a good first impression.
  8. We don't mind people sharing websites, artwork, stories., etc. on the chat, but please do not beg someone to visit your link or spam it repeatedly every 10 minutes. If nobody is interested, please don't advertise.
  9. This should go without saying, but flaming, trolling, or generally being anything other than friendly will get you removed from chat very quickly. Especially if, when warned to stop, you still continue.
    • This includes attitudes towards new people joining the chatroom.
  10. A kick is separate to a ban. If you are kicked, but not banned, you are free to return to the chatroom immediately. Do not feel aggrieved if you are kicked in jest, but do heed the message received when kicked. This may well be a warning if your behaviour is beginning to cause a problem.

  11. Punishments for breaking these rules or in other ways disturbing the peace will be measured according to the specific situation at hand. But, for the most part will follow this pattern:

    • First Offence: A 1 day ban. You will be free to return to the chatroom after a day.
    • Second (or in general repeated) Offence: A 3 day ban.
    • Third (or persistently repeated) Offence: 1 Week+ ban.

You will be told how long you will be banned for within the kick message.

Bans in the chatroom do not reflect on your forum account, and in the majority of cases are not completely permanent. If you come back later on with a better or wiser attitude, you can easily find yourself being able to become a regular part of the furniture.

These rules will be universally enforced, regardless of how much time you've been on the site.

If you have read and understand the rules, click the below button to enter our chat!
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