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It has been announced that the 22nd season of the English dubbed Pokémon anime, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends will begin airing in the UK in April. Click through to view the trailer!...
Like last year’s landmark 20th Pokemon movie, this year’s film is heading to cinema screens across the UK and North America this weekend. Is it worth paying up to experience on the big screen? Here’s our review to help you make up your mind!

Following on from ‘Pokemon I Choose You’, this year’s movie ‘The Power of Us’ sees the same version of Ash travel to Fura City to continue his journey with Pikachu. There’s never anything that officially places Fura City in the Johto region, but the “Festival of Wind” that’s taking place in the city is lousy with Johto region Pokemon so it’s probably in Johto.

We never see any of the rest of Ash’s current team, so it’s hard to say whether this movie takes place shortly after his adventures in I Choose You, or potentially years later. Ultimately, it’s not very relevant. At this point in his adventure, he and Pikachu are as close as they ever have been, and that’s effectively...
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It has been announced that starting August 27th TwitchPresents will begin a marathon of the Pokémon anime. The plan is to run through 9 seasons of the Pokémon anime as well as streaming 8 of the Pokémon movies.

Read on to find out more!
Back in December of last year, the first teaser for the 20th Pokémon movie was revealed by the Japanese children's TV show Oha Suta. Now, two and a half months later, Oha Suta has also aired the first full-length trailer for the film, named "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!" in Japan.

This new movie trailer shows us a retelling of the day that Ash Ketchum first met Pikachu. Long-time fans of the anime series will quickly spot several differences within the trailer from the original anime episode, such as the slightly altered design of Ash's hat and, more importantly, the increased focus on Ho-Oh. Click through to see the trailer for yourself!...
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The latest edition of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has begun to leak and brought with it the reveal of Rockruff's Evolution as well as some more Ultra Beasts.

First up we have new Pokémon known as Rugarugan, which is the evolved form of Rockruff. It appears that Rugarugan one being the Midday form (pictured right) and the other being the Midnight form (pictured left). It's currently unclear if the Pokémon will remain in the form it evolves into or if it'll change based on the time of day. Read on to find out more...

We don't really cover the anime or the TCG here a lot at Pokecharms, so why not break that mould a little bit with a two for one deal?

The new Furious Fists TCG set launched today, and to celebrate it, the Pokemon Company has uploaded a couple of new adverts that'll be playing out for it, including a specially produced anime scene detailing the biggest names in the set:

There's also a slightly less appealing advert with some dodgy 3D models if you want to also check that out.

The focus on Mega Lucario in the set would come as no real surprise, as the card is more or less an I-win kind of play, but the other Pokemon mentioned in the advert are also ones to keep an eye out for at events such as Nationals and Worlds. Due to rules introduced this year, however,...
For the first time, the Pokemon Anime is to be available across all Netflix regions from this Saturday, 1st March.

The first season of the Black and White series along with the first Black and White movie/s (the woeful Victini one/s, unfortunately) will be available for all regions supported by Netflix, whilst the very first season, featuring the Indigo League, will be available for those in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

This follows the deal with Hulu in America to stream an even greater selection of the anime and movies, and demonstrates a growing understanding of the value of these on-demand streaming services by The Pokemon Company International. Hopefully, since those of us outside of the US can't benefit from the Hulu deal, it will just mark the beginning of what's available on Netflix.
A new trailer has been released today for the Pokémon: The Origin anime episode. The footage doesn't really reveal any surprising information, but it does give us a look at Red and Blue and a couple of the Pokémon they'll seemingly be using on their adventure. The trailer explains that Pokémon: The Origin was made for the people that played Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green. You can see the trailer for yourself below:
Earlier in the month it was confirmed that Pokémon: The Origin will have a total runtime of roughly 108 minutes putting it near enough the runtime of the Pokémon movies.
While yesterdays edition of Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash didn't bring with it any new information to do with the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games, it did clarify a few of the details to do with the Pokémon XY anime series that were mentioned in CoroCoro and also showed off a shiny new trailer for the series.
From the new information it confirmed that Ash will be joined on his Kalos adventures by Gym Leader Clemont and his little sister Bonnie. Pokémon Smash also showed Serena and Gym Leader Viola and it's suspected that Serena will also be joining Ash, Clemont and Bonnie on their travels. It was also confirmed that Jessie, James and Meowth will be following Ash to Kalos.

The trailer also shows off Mega Blaziken and Garchomp. It seems Ash will spot Mega Blaziken not long after landing in Kalos, while a Garchomp is rampaging through a nearby city. If you wish to view the trailer yourself then...​
Yesterday it was revealed that the sixteenth Pokémon movie, Genesect and the Legend Awakened, will be aired on Cartoon Network in the US on the 19th of October. However, this morning it has been revealed that Genesect and the Legend Awakened will also be aired in the UK on Citv on the same date as the US.
The first two episodes of the Pokémon the Series XY anime will also be aired to act as a preview for the series which Citv have confirmed to begin airing in full next year. The airing of the two episodes will be split, with the first episode being aired after the movie and the second episode being aired on the 20th of October.