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Nintendo's latest announcement isn't a new game, or even a new console, but a new kind of content altogether. Aimed very much towards kids, but in typical Nintendo fashion, openly accessible whatever your age, Nintendo Labo is a brand new type of video game accessory that you build yourself.

Two kits will be available at launch - the Variety Kit, with 5 different Toy-Cons to build, and the Robot Kit, in which you make yourself into a giant robot - for $69.99 and $79.99 US respectively.

If you want to learn more about Labo, or why it's a welcome reminder of Nintendo's toy-maker heritage, check out the latest article about it on our sister site, GameCrash:

One of the things confirmed in this year's Nintendo E3 Direct was, straight from the mouth of Pokemon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara, that a new main series Pokemon game was in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, despite rumours about a possible Pokemon Stars version of Sun/Moon coming to the Switch this year, this new game will be at least a year away. It's seeming pretty certain now that, although Pokemon Stars may well have been a thing once upon a time, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have taken its place. It's very likely that when Pokemon debuts on the Switch at some point around 2018/2019, it will be an entirely new Generation.

E3 2017 starts here. EA's conference is taking place tonight at 8pm BST - the earliest any E3 conference has ever taken place.

As we normally do, we'll be providing insight and previews into all the E3 conferences and reactions, updates and news to what comes from them. This year, though, instead of being a forum thread on Pokecharms, you'll be able to find all of that on our brand new sister site: GameCrash.

GameCrash launched a few weeks ago specifically to provide a more focused location for the video game industry articles we have posted here in the past. The goal is, rather than to simply be another video game news site that churns out hourly clickbait every day, we will instead be an online games magazine collecting longer and more thought out articles.

This year we will be posting individual articles for each of the conferences detailing when and...
Today's big Nintendo Switch presentation has been and gone in the wee hours of the morning, and the end result is... mostly just confirmation of what a lot of us had already assumed, but confirmation all the same. The Switch will be out worldwide on the 3rd March for $299US/£279.99. There may be software bundles announced later, but for now, there will be two configurations available at launch, one with two grey Joy-Con controllers and one with a Red and a Blue Joy-Con controller, which you can see in the full article with the rest of the contents of the box...
In 2014, pretty much 2 and a half years ago now, we posted on Pokecharms.com about the possibility that Nintendo would be bringing new hardware to that year’s E3. Back then we talked about rumours that this new hardware would be neither a successor to the Wii U in the console world nor a successor to the 3DS in the handheld world, but a fusion of both worlds into one machine. As I said then, “It’s… one of the few logical paths left for Nintendo to travel on in the console space.” and as the Wii U continued to struggle on for 2 more years, that’s never gotten any less true.

It turns out that we were seemingly right on the money with that post 2 years ago, because mounting evidence has come to light in the past few months — most specifically from Eurogamer’s in-depth report — that the Nintendo NX, as we now know that hardware to be provisionally code-named, is absolutely a merging of Nintendo’s two primary gaming businesses. A handheld gaming device with a touch screen that can play your games on the go, and a base that connects those same games to your TV to play at home. Continue reading...

[This article was originally posted almost a year ago to the day and after today's announcement seems all the more relevant, so we're bringing it back for anyone who might have missed it the first time around.]
The concept of the guys at Namco Bandai's Tekken coming together with The Pokemon Company/Nintendo to build a Pokemon version of Tekken is, on paper, so insane sounding that despite multiple indications over the past year that exactly that was happening, even the most open minded of us found it hard to commit to the theory.

So it probably doesn't really add up that I would espouse that the upcoming, actually being made, game could possibly be...

E3 2015 starts RIGHT NOW.​
Join us as we watch the Nintendo World Championships live from E3 2015 in Los Angeles. Among the games featured in the competition will be old games such as the original Legend of Zelda mixed with new games such as the latest Super Smash Bros. We don't fully know what to expect, but if it's half as good as last E3's Smash Bros tournament we're in for a treat.

Watch the live twitch stream here.

Remember you can join in with the overall E3 discussion in our official discussion thread.

Before the show, Nintendo revealed that, on Monday, for the very first time since its initial release on the NES in 1989, the first Mother game will be released in America and Europe on the Wii U Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings:

Another new...
It's almost that time once again, and as usual, I've compiled a list of when all the big E3 conferences take place and a bit of a look into what to expect (or what not to) for each of them. This year we've got more conferences than ever thanks to Bethesda, Square Enix and a PC-focused conference all joining the show.

Once again, Nintendo's skipping the conference for another pre-recorded Digital Event, but they won't be without presence at the show. Before the conferences begin, they'll be bringing back the Nintendo World Championships and pitting players against each other in a range of classic Nintendo titles - including the original Legend of Zelda. And, after their show, Bill Tretton's Treehouse returns to E3 for an in-depth look at the games covered in the main Digital Event show. We think there's a pretty good chance we'll see Pokken Tournament in the...

There's a lot of great things about Nintendo's latest hardware update... but it's underlined by a series of terrible choices that continue to pull Nintendo backwards into the digital dark ages.
The 'New' Nintendo 3DS hits shelves across America and Europe this Friday, alongside a long awaited remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and a seriously pretty exclusive Majora's Mask themed bundle (pictured above). While the refresh of the 3DS line brings with it some very welcome improvements, it also carries the baggage of a company that, in 2015, struggles to achieve a level of customer experience that your mobile telephone has managed for years.

First, let's get the positives out of the way:
  • Comparing the New 3DS XL with the old 3DS XL is extremely favourable. The system is only very slightly larger than it's predecessor, but it feels much more comfortable in your hands. The corners are more...