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It's been a while since we gave our Social Media accounts some love, and we feel like it's kinda kept us out of touch with a lot of fans both currently on the site, and those that aren't.

We want to be able to start even more conversations with you guys, share more of our content with you and, most importantly, share some of the stuff we absolutely love that you guys post on the Creative Corner here.

We've got so many talented people submitting artwork, writing and even photography that we'd like to shout about it even more than we already do. To tell the whole world that you guys are here and this is the amazing stuff you can do.

We don't want to post anyone's work without permission, though, so before we post anything to Facebook or Twitter, we will be contacting artists to ask permission. If you want to make the process even smoother and let us know you are happy with us sharing your work at any time, though, you can do one of the following:

  • Drop a link to the...
[An interesting discussion popped up in the forums a couple of days ago, and it seems worth showcasing!]

I was just wondering. If a Pokémon was missing something, like an eye or a tail or a limb, would they regenerate the missing part by evolving? I mean, technically some Pokémon gain extra limbs and things by Evolving. But when something is just changing slightly, like a tail getting slightly longer and thicker between Charmander and Charmeleon, would it grow a totally new tail if it had been severed as a Charmander?

This is all just curious ramblings and I know my example isn't very good because isn't Charmander supposed to die without his tail flame? Anywho interested in what yall think as it may come up in a future roleplay for me!
[So, this is a community project that took off on the forums a few days ago to Wonder Trade Halloween-themed Pokémon - it's a great idea, so I'll let Ruko explain more... -Teapot]

So, @DoggyEars had an idea to catch up as many Pumpkaboo as she can, give them rare candy and then Wonder-Trade them on Halloween. I've decided to follow suit and do the same thing and thought I'd post here to see if anyone else would like to join us, or perhaps just try to get a hold of one on halloween :)

At the moment we're thinking about nicknaming them, but don't have any particularly good ideas - if you can come up with any, feel free to post suggestions or even take from the suggestion pool to nickname your own.

Name suggestions I've liked: