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As Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are about to drop Ultra Soon (and already, as with any release of a major Pokémon game, information has started to leak well in advance), and in order to keep the Pokécharms experience as safe and spoiler free as possible - guidelines are being implemented regarding what is and isn't allowed on Pokécharms for now.

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[An interesting discussion popped up in the forums a couple of days ago, and it seems worth showcasing!]

I was just wondering. If a Pokémon was missing something, like an eye or a tail or a limb, would they regenerate the missing part by evolving? I mean, technically some Pokémon gain extra limbs and things by Evolving. But when something is just changing slightly, like a tail getting slightly longer and thicker between Charmander and Charmeleon, would it grow a totally new tail if it had been severed as a Charmander?

This is all just curious ramblings and I know my example isn't very good because isn't Charmander supposed to die without his tail flame? Anywho interested in what yall think as it may come up in a future roleplay for me!
Since the Creative Corner has now reached a mature state, it is now ready to serve Pokécharms's artistic needs full time. As such, the Pit of Creativity has been reorganised and repurposed as an artistic discussion category, and will no longer accept new artistic works. The reason we are making this change is to minimise confusion as to where works should be placed, and to consolidate them into one place that is easy to browse and access.

Please note that this does not apply to the Role Play boards - they will not be affected by this change.

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Today we've completed a fairly major software update for the site, which fixes many bugs and adds new features, both for staff and users. Some of the changes are:
  • Very similarly to how you can register and log in with a Facebook account, you can now log in with Twitter and Google+. You can see the option when you drop the login drawer on any page, or if you're logged in, choose External Accounts in your user menu.
  • New Multi Quote option in the forums - this allows you to collect posts from anywhere in the forums and reply to them in one go. Just click +Quote by the posts you want to reply to, then click Insert Quoted Posts in the reply box.
  • Tagging is now enabled for profile posts and comments. This means you can get someone's attention in a profile post by typing @Teapot, for example.
  • Rewritten [type] tag, which lets you insert Pokémon types directly into your posts:...