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[img align=left]http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee278/Plapti/SecretKey.png[/img]From what I've heard, this is like a miracle for Canadians (So I'm exaggerating a little).

There will be an event for Canadians to download the Secret Key from participating retailers from April 19th to April 26th. This isn't the assumed event that can be downloaded over the Wi-Fi. Instead, this uses a local network that you have to go to and download from a download station.

At this time, it is unknown if retailers in the United States will follow suit.

So, Canadians can assure themselves a Secret Key if they don't have Wi-Fi access. Rumours have found their way to also saying that the Wi-Fi event might be taking place at around the same time, so keep checking back, we will update when we find out.
[img align=left]http://www.pokecharms.com/gamesprites/pl2/492sky.png[/img]With Pokemon Platinum arriving in the UK on May 22nd, GAME stores across the UK have given fans the opportunity to pre-order copies of the game, with all pre-ordered copies being sold with a small discount....but that's not all. Stores across the UK are also allowing players to download an event Shaymin onto their Diamond/Pearl game, complete with the moves Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute and Energy Ball. The Shaymin will be level 50 and be contained within a Cherish Ball. The hold item hasn't been confirmed, although odds are it will be the Micle Berry item that other event Shaymin have held in past events.

The number of events taking place is considerably higher than the number of events that gave away Darkrai last summer, with multiple events taking place across the UK on every day between the 4th and 18th of April, except for the 6th, 7th and 14th of April. The usual event activities will be taking...
It's now about 3 months since this current layout went live, and throughout that time the Pokedex has been down while I worked on the new one. Now, while I started work on the new Pokedex waaay back at the end of last year - it wasn't actually intentional to be without a Pokedex for this long at all. Basically, what happened - if you weren't already aware - was that the current design, combined with the set up on the new server, basically just did not like the old Pokedex at all and it simply ceased to function.

I have been working behind the scenes as much as possible to have the new one ready for going live though and can finally say that it's getting into the final stages. Now, that's not to say there's not still plenty to do - just that a lot of the groundwork is now completed and it's pretty much downhill from here onwards.

The original Pokedex was a pretty standard affair - all on one page and pretty average all around. Being one of my first real coding projects though, it...
Just so you're aware - if you weren't already - all Pokemon news you hear today is bullcrap.


  • Any G/S remake announcement is fake
  • Any 5th Gen Pokemon announcement is fake
  • Any new Pokemon game at all is fake
  • Pokemon are not real

Let us know what else the interwebz comes up with today - it'll be quite interesting if nothing else. :p But remember, if it's after mid-day - they're the real fool!

While there are normally plenty of tournaments for Pokemon in Japan, and quite a few in America, rarely are ANY set up in the UK. Well, that's gonna start changing.

Organised by us at Pokecharms.com, a new UK Pokemon Tournament is starting up this summer and you can be a part of it!

Being hosted by HMV's Gamerbase, we'll be looking for upwards of 24 competitors from the UK to make their way to Manchester for the first tournament with their DSs and copies of Diamond or Pearl at the start of the summer to take part - with the battles being conducted on large, widescreen HD screens in 3D through Pokemon Battle Revolution.

If the event is a hit, we'll then be aiming for a London tournament either later in the summer or later on in the year.

Costs haven't yet been completely sorted out - so there is a possibility you may have to pay £3 to enter to cover the cost of the...

The release has already slipped by for North America, but Pokemon Platinum is here. And apparently, according to online retailers, it'll be out in Australia May 14th, 2009. That's a little more than a week before Europe sees it on May 22nd. Not bad.

I personally haven't played too far into the game yet due to preparatory team building, but the little I have seen is promising. The plot differs from Diamond & Pearl's right from the get-go in subtle, yet notable, ways, and you encounter one of the new characters for the first time early on. The environmental changes are also a nice touch - snow in Twinleaf town was pretty fun to see. But these are just my random thoughts. What are the opinions of the rest of you now playing it?

I wanted to take a poke at the Rotom insert in the Platinum game boxes, too. Each Platinum box (at least inside the NA-releases) contains a small insert that...
Sorry for being a bit late again, but Ralts said he had a way of speeding up the Internet and I foolishly let him try it... only for our entire connection to explode.

So, by stealing Wi-Fi from the nearby Blastoise family I've managed to get online to post up the scores. The answers will have to wait - I don't want to have to hang around too long, just in case they figure out I'm leeching their interwebz...

Anyways, considering the difficulty of the quiz, there wasn't much surprise that there werent too many entrants this time around - but well done to those that tried. You all still sucked (mostly) anyway, but at least YOU tried. You get a cookie. :)

Princess Sapphire: 14 pts
Samarai 222: 16 pts
Phoenix: 31 pts
Xatu: 30 pts

But the winner with 41 points out of 55, once again, is:


More later on, but gotta run now, I can hear the clunking of big shellfish water types heading my way!
The Pokecharms Day quiz will now run throughout the rest of the weekend, replacing this week's normal quiz. You have until Sunday to get your answers in and the normal quiz will resume next weekend.

Remember, this week's quiz still counts towards your season score - so make sure you put in SOME response if you want to stand a chance of being towards the top at the end of the season!
Pikachu Thunder!
Go Destroy Team Rocket Now
Your powers are Hax

The poetry mastery of our very own Doctor Oak. Profound, isn't it?

This year for Pokecharms Day we'd like to celebrate things in a way that everyone can participate... and what could be easier than writing simple haiku-like poetry? In the spirit of Professor Oak (the master of Pokemon senryū), we'd like to hear some Pokemon poems from you guys. Whether it be about a specific Pokemon or an aspect of Pokemon in general, the choice is yours.

The guidelines are as simple as they sound. Write a Pokemon-related haiku-like poem consisting of three lines and up to 17 syllables. Then, PM your poem to me with the subject title "Pokecharms Day Haiku Contest".

The contest will run for a week, ending at Midnight GMT on March 24th. Once all of the entries have been collected, a voting process will be set up for the community itself to determine the best poems. Prizes will be announced at a later time.

So, show us your...
Well, after kicking my feet up for the weekend, I'm back with a double dose of quiz fun this week. Today's special Pokecharms Day quiz will run through until Friday, and on Friday the scores and answers will be posted just before this weekend's quiz goes up.

Even though this is a special quiz, it still counts towards this season's scores - so be sure to give it a go!

You may or may not know this, but the roots of this quiz itself go all the way back to the very first Pokecharms Day celebrations in 2004, where the two main competitions were Who's That Pokemon and the Pokequiz.

Two years later in 2006, those two competitions returned once again, and now they live on in the Weekly quiz.

Well, 3 years later, I've hunted those two competitions out of the Pokecharms Archive room and am posing them to you again. Unfortunately, the original competitions from 2004 are long since lost, but 2006's are still available.

There are 30 points available from the Who's That Pokemon category -...