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At long last (and it was a long time coming), the Pokecharms Winter Tournament: Baby Cup Battle is over. The battles have been fought, the winners have been decided, and people are happily choosing their spoils of victory: a rare item and Pokemon for winners 1 through 4, and a consolation prize for everyone else.

You can see the comment jump for a look at the final bracket, but the final standings are as follows:
Champion: Sem
2nd Place: Silver Magpie
3rd Place: King of Lucario...

Weekends are a busy time here on Pokecharms, it's when we get most of our weekly traffic and lately it's pretty visible as everything slows down for the duration (this will hopefully not be an issue after next month, though). As such, it only makes sense to give those who visit us so much at the weekends an extra little something.

Introducing a new weekly (or weekendly) feature, Blaziken's Weekend Trivia Contest. Every Friday your weekend's host, Blaziken, will be here to dole out some rock-hard questions and will be hanging around for the rest of the weekend until the answers and scores and posted up on Sunday night.

To participate, all you have to do is PM your answers to Blaziken. Do not post your answers here, and do not PM me. Both will simply be deleted.

Scores will be racked up until the end of the 'season' - 6 weeks - at which point an overall winner will be crowned....

Today Pokemon.com announced the special Regigigas giveaway coming to participating Toys 'R Us stores across the US and in Puerto Rico. This particular Regigigas is the one that will allow you to unlock Regice, Regirock, and Registeel when traded onto your Pokemon Platinum game.

Its statistics are as follows...
Level: 100
PokeBall: Cherish Ball
Held item: Custap Berry
Known Attacks: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip

The giveaway will run from March 8th to March 21st - right up until the day before Platinum is released in North America. Just remember to have a copy of Diamond or Pearl handy (English versions only).
... or two of Pokemon Platinum's creators to be exact. Recently IGN.com had the privilege of chatting with two notable members of the Game Freak team in the run-up to Platinum's US release: Junichi Masuda and Takeshi Kawachimaru.

As many of already know, Masuda has been composing music for the Pokemon franchise since 1st Gen. In addition, he has also acted as a game adviser, supervisor, designer (ie. he created the Hoenn region), and most recently as director for Pokemon FR/LG and D/P. His involvement with the Anime series is extensive as well. Safe to say, Masuda is one of the big wigs in the Pokemon world.

Kawachimaru, who joined Game Freak in the year 2000, has worked as a game designer for the franchise since Gen 3. He was also given the opportunity to act as Pokemon Platinum's director.

The interview itself is a good read, but one quote by Kawachimaru stood out to me - mostly because it shares Nintendo's own image with the DSi becoming a more personalized handheld system:...
As posted on Pokèmon.com, the Pokémon Video Game Championships are coming really soon.

This will be done using Pokémon Platinum. For the US, you have to qualify for the event at the US National Pokémon Video Game Championships. That event, will take place in St. Louis, Missouri June 27th and 28th.

From there, you have a chance of getting to the world stage in San Diego, California and take part in the Pokémon Video Game World Championships. This event takes place on August 14th and 15th.

If you do make it to the World stage, expect to meet some competition from European players, who are also taking part.

Rules haven't been released, but it will be a Level 50, 2 on 2 double battle.

More info will be posted when it's released. Otherwise for all those who want to take part, good luck and start preparing your team.
The past two days have seen DSi release dates springing out from all corners of the world, and this is how they match up:

Australia get it first on 2nd April for $300 Ozzie Dollars - which is $190 US Dollars or £135.
Europe will get it next on the 3rd for £149.99 - £10 more expensive than the RRP of the Lite.
America's the last to get it on 5th April, but gets it cheapest for $169 (£117) and unlike the rest of the world who get to choose between Black and White, get to choose between Blue and Black.

I had a feeling that Europe was gonna get this before America after a few rumblings about release periods last year. It would seem that who gets it first is either a mostly symbolic thing or simply a shipping thing.

I would be getting one on release day if I had the money. Though, considering it's just after the end of March there's a possibility that I might. Probably will have to wait a couple of weeks till closer to the end of April though. Either way, pretty much definitely...
Just a notice that the Platinum subsite was released on Pokémon.com. It updates with news we've already heard of, but if you were in the dark before, now is the time to start reading.

It does confirm that the Rotom Forms can be obtained outside of Japan through the silhouettes of the five forms.

Also, it gives the name of the three Wi-Fi games. They are: 'Swalot Plop,' 'Mime Jr. Top,' and 'Wobbuffet Pop.' Do well enough in them and you'll earn upgrades to your 'Tap Toy.'

All the other stuff has been confirmed about the Wi-Fi was confirmed through screen shots.

Watch the site for some more updates and be sure to visit the Platinum subsite to learn more about Platinum.
Sorry for the wait, but it's taken me a few days to have the chance to sit down and find out why the Trainer Card Maker wasn't running on the new server. I've reconfigured some of the setup for it and it should be running smoothly now.

A few caveats though:

1) I didn't upload the D/P trainers last week by accident - and I don't have access to that folder here at the moment. They'll be available to choose again as soon as I'm back to my computer and can upload the folder. In the meantime, there are about 200 custom trainers to choose from - so it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience.

2) Although it will say at the end your card will only remain on the server for 30 days after today, that script hasn't been setup yet. If I can, I might see if I can get it sorted tonight to make sure it runs smoothly a month from now - but chances are you'll get upwards of an extra couple weeks out of saving your card to the server. It -will- be deleted at some point after a month though - so...
Better late than never.

Recently CoroCoro released a picture of Arceus' official artwork, and a scan of it has been floating around Pokemon websites for a few days. Thankfully however, to coincide with CoroCoro's announcement the Pokemon Company has officially unveiled Arceus on their Japanese website and the 12th Movie website. Included was some nice quality Sugimori and Anime-style artwork. So, take a looksie. Thanks go to Bulbanews for collecting the images.

Also, since Pokecharms hasn't mentioned it yet and the news can be noted on the sites linked to above, an image showcasing the three Johto starters (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile) and Heatran has been revealed for the 12th movie. All four are said to be included in the movie somehow, we just don't yet know to what extent....

While a number of you may have read about the Platinum NOE release date leak last week, there was no official statement to back up the information. Until now. No more tears, guys. Nintendo of Europe today proved the leaked information true, so the lot of you can officially take heed: Pokemon Platinum out in Europe May 22nd, 2009.

Just two months after it hits NOA. Not bad all things considered. Might even stop a few people who were previously planning to import a copy. NOE's website also revealed the NOE Platinum sub-site, but it's little more than some words and a picture of Giratina at the moment.

In other news, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:...