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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Last weekend had a decent turnout, but I'm expecting an even larger amount of you to have a crack at the contest this weekend. Whether you suck or not doesn't really matter, just give it a go.

The questions again are rock hard and, again, there's another 42 Points available to pick up. Check the next post in the topic for the questions and don't forget to PM me your answers before the end of Sunday night. Answers will probably be posted on Monday evening.


A new trailer and poster for the 12th Movie - Arceus: To a Conquering Space Time - were revealed today by Japanese TV show Oha Suta. The poster would appear to contain spoilers for the Pokemon anime concerning team changes that will occur before the summer - so don't read the rest of the topic if you don't wanna know. (And don't look to closely at the pic beside this text >_>)

Failing that, the full sized poster and the trailer are available in the next post. This topic has been marked as spoilers, so feel free to discuss the revelations from the poster.

The 12th movie premieres in Japan on the 18th July and is the last part of the D/P movie trilogy surrounding the Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Arceus mythology. Also featuring in the movie is Heatran, a special Notch-Eared Pichu and the 3 Johto starters - which has given rise to more speculation that a G/S remake or Johto-set game is due to be announced this...

Well, the weekend's done and dusted and the scores have been tallied up. A bit of a disappointing number of players this week - don't be put off from having a go even though the questions are tough! You've got another 5 chances this season to at least make an impression on the scoreboard, so even if you don't fare too well one week, you can still pull it back. You all better be more prepared and ready to have a go next week or I'll have Ralts eat your feet! (Well, nibble at them. He doesn't have very big teeth).

Anyways, the answers are available in the full topic below - one small correction on my part is that the second category's 2nd question was based on misinformation and had to later be altered so you lot could actually stand a chance at getting any points off it. Ralts has been sufficiently beaten for his error and he assures me it wont happen again. 'Course, if it does, I'll beat him twice as hard....
Well, last update on Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia probably.

The Shaymin Mission, has set start and release dates for Europe.

The mission is available as of March 1st and will last until March 30th, as opposed to the Americans, which last till April 30th.

Like all previous missions, you can download it before beating the game and then you can play the mission after you beat the game.

So, you Europeans better not delay, or else you miss the Shaymin Mission, For Bride and Shaymin.

Americans get a break, for whatever reason I don't know.

Either way, enjoy the game, as this is the last of the six extra missions.

As for now, that's it with this update, but stay tuned for more news about Pokémon when it comes out. We'll be sure to let you know all about it as son as we can.

At long last (and it was a long time coming), the Pokecharms Winter Tournament: Baby Cup Battle is over. The battles have been fought, the winners have been decided, and people are happily choosing their spoils of victory: a rare item and Pokemon for winners 1 through 4, and a consolation prize for everyone else.

You can see the comment jump for a look at the final bracket, but the final standings are as follows:
Champion: Sem
2nd Place: Silver Magpie
3rd Place: King of Lucario...

Weekends are a busy time here on Pokecharms, it's when we get most of our weekly traffic and lately it's pretty visible as everything slows down for the duration (this will hopefully not be an issue after next month, though). As such, it only makes sense to give those who visit us so much at the weekends an extra little something.

Introducing a new weekly (or weekendly) feature, Blaziken's Weekend Trivia Contest. Every Friday your weekend's host, Blaziken, will be here to dole out some rock-hard questions and will be hanging around for the rest of the weekend until the answers and scores and posted up on Sunday night.

To participate, all you have to do is PM your answers to Blaziken. Do not post your answers here, and do not PM me. Both will simply be deleted.

Scores will be racked up until the end of the 'season' - 6 weeks - at which point an overall winner will be crowned....

Today Pokemon.com announced the special Regigigas giveaway coming to participating Toys 'R Us stores across the US and in Puerto Rico. This particular Regigigas is the one that will allow you to unlock Regice, Regirock, and Registeel when traded onto your Pokemon Platinum game.

Its statistics are as follows...
Level: 100
PokeBall: Cherish Ball
Held item: Custap Berry
Known Attacks: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip

The giveaway will run from March 8th to March 21st - right up until the day before Platinum is released in North America. Just remember to have a copy of Diamond or Pearl handy (English versions only).
... or two of Pokemon Platinum's creators to be exact. Recently IGN.com had the privilege of chatting with two notable members of the Game Freak team in the run-up to Platinum's US release: Junichi Masuda and Takeshi Kawachimaru.

As many of already know, Masuda has been composing music for the Pokemon franchise since 1st Gen. In addition, he has also acted as a game adviser, supervisor, designer (ie. he created the Hoenn region), and most recently as director for Pokemon FR/LG and D/P. His involvement with the Anime series is extensive as well. Safe to say, Masuda is one of the big wigs in the Pokemon world.

Kawachimaru, who joined Game Freak in the year 2000, has worked as a game designer for the franchise since Gen 3. He was also given the opportunity to act as Pokemon Platinum's director.

The interview itself is a good read, but one quote by Kawachimaru stood out to me - mostly because it shares Nintendo's own image with the DSi becoming a more personalized handheld system:...
As posted on Pokèmon.com, the Pokémon Video Game Championships are coming really soon.

This will be done using Pokémon Platinum. For the US, you have to qualify for the event at the US National Pokémon Video Game Championships. That event, will take place in St. Louis, Missouri June 27th and 28th.

From there, you have a chance of getting to the world stage in San Diego, California and take part in the Pokémon Video Game World Championships. This event takes place on August 14th and 15th.

If you do make it to the World stage, expect to meet some competition from European players, who are also taking part.

Rules haven't been released, but it will be a Level 50, 2 on 2 double battle.

More info will be posted when it's released. Otherwise for all those who want to take part, good luck and start preparing your team.
The past two days have seen DSi release dates springing out from all corners of the world, and this is how they match up:

Australia get it first on 2nd April for $300 Ozzie Dollars - which is $190 US Dollars or £135.
Europe will get it next on the 3rd for £149.99 - £10 more expensive than the RRP of the Lite.
America's the last to get it on 5th April, but gets it cheapest for $169 (£117) and unlike the rest of the world who get to choose between Black and White, get to choose between Blue and Black.

I had a feeling that Europe was gonna get this before America after a few rumblings about release periods last year. It would seem that who gets it first is either a mostly symbolic thing or simply a shipping thing.

I would be getting one on release day if I had the money. Though, considering it's just after the end of March there's a possibility that I might. Probably will have to wait a couple of weeks till closer to the end of April though. Either way, pretty much definitely...