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Hey guys, kind of an unusual request here - but I need your mothers. I'm working on my University Web Design project and need to do some usability testing on the website I have to re-design - but I need a target audience's input on it.

Obviously, only having ONE mum, that rather limits my field of immediate access - but thousands of people visit here every day, and pure maths has got to dictate that they have at least one mum each too.

If you could ask, very kindly on my behalf, for your mum to take just 10 minutes or so to fill in a quick questionnaire as she uses the website I have to redesign, that would be extremely helpful. You can help them in so far as explaining their actions if they need to, but please don't help them with the actual questions/tasks and make sure they're honest in their responses!

The e-mail address to return them to is in the document, and you can attach that and do it for them if they don't know how.

The only thing is, I need a really quick...
You may be wondering what this is, but this new program I have been working on is tailored to the needs of players looking for help on Pokémon movesets. The Attack Effectiveness Table shows stats about Pokémon that exist, but no one had the time or though to put into a nice, organized layout.

This document will have four helpful options out for users to use. As of right now, it has three operating, with the fourth one still in progress.

This is also part of the Pokécharms Day festivities, so other things might pop up later.

Follow the comment jump for more specific details.
Hi folks, as you may have noticed, no Blaziken today. We've decided that instead of the normal weekend quiz this week, we'll have a special Pokecharms Day quiz on Tuesday - so make sure to check back on Pokecharms day for that and much more.

I know Blaziken hasn't gotten around to posting LAST week's answers yet either, but he left me in charge of it and I've been really busy. I'll try and get them up tomorrow instead.

Okay, so, judging by my bland news icon I should never be allowed near Photoshop again. But that's besides the point.

A while back, a few people may have noticed a particular post made by Midnight Shadows in the Pokecharms Staff Openings - Auditions! thread (which, by the way, is still open if people are interested in applying). Midnight Shadows, who's become known as the resident shiny Pokemon hunter around these parts (and for good reason), did an audition piece on how she personally hunts them down via PokeRadar chaining. Now, as I mentioned above, only a handful of people probably read this, so we'd now like to bring it to a wider audience.

Due to length, you'll find the article itself in the...
The game is on its way, just 12 days till the US release and not too long till it's out here in the UK, either. A new trailer from Pokemon USA has appeared detailing the new WiFi features, so here it is:



Quite a number of entries this weekend - but still hoping that we'll get even more next week!

Once again, the scores have been counted and these are the scores for this week only:

ulises87g: 3 Points
Shiny Eevee: 12 Points
Psycho Monkey: 17 Points
LoN Colossus: 19 Points
Phoenix: 19 Points
DiamondPhantom: 19 Points
Weirdmin: 23 Points
XJirachiX: 23 Points
samaraii222: 24 Points
DeftFunk: 24 Points
Pwnermon: 24 Points
BlackLotus: 26 Points
jertyuiop: 26 Points
BlueChan: 34 Points
Xatu: 35 Points
Linkachu: 37 Points
ozmer: 38 Points

But this week's winner with a maximum 42 points is:


The Top 5 for the season now stands as follows:

1. - Jet, 81 Points
2. - Xatu, 75 Points
3. - jertyuiop, 58 Points
4. - Phoenix, 54 Points
5. -...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Last weekend had a decent turnout, but I'm expecting an even larger amount of you to have a crack at the contest this weekend. Whether you suck or not doesn't really matter, just give it a go.

The questions again are rock hard and, again, there's another 42 Points available to pick up. Check the next post in the topic for the questions and don't forget to PM me your answers before the end of Sunday night. Answers will probably be posted on Monday evening.


A new trailer and poster for the 12th Movie - Arceus: To a Conquering Space Time - were revealed today by Japanese TV show Oha Suta. The poster would appear to contain spoilers for the Pokemon anime concerning team changes that will occur before the summer - so don't read the rest of the topic if you don't wanna know. (And don't look to closely at the pic beside this text >_>)

Failing that, the full sized poster and the trailer are available in the next post. This topic has been marked as spoilers, so feel free to discuss the revelations from the poster.

The 12th movie premieres in Japan on the 18th July and is the last part of the D/P movie trilogy surrounding the Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Arceus mythology. Also featuring in the movie is Heatran, a special Notch-Eared Pichu and the 3 Johto starters - which has given rise to more speculation that a G/S remake or Johto-set game is due to be announced this...

Well, the weekend's done and dusted and the scores have been tallied up. A bit of a disappointing number of players this week - don't be put off from having a go even though the questions are tough! You've got another 5 chances this season to at least make an impression on the scoreboard, so even if you don't fare too well one week, you can still pull it back. You all better be more prepared and ready to have a go next week or I'll have Ralts eat your feet! (Well, nibble at them. He doesn't have very big teeth).

Anyways, the answers are available in the full topic below - one small correction on my part is that the second category's 2nd question was based on misinformation and had to later be altered so you lot could actually stand a chance at getting any points off it. Ralts has been sufficiently beaten for his error and he assures me it wont happen again. 'Course, if it does, I'll beat him twice as hard....
Well, last update on Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia probably.

The Shaymin Mission, has set start and release dates for Europe.

The mission is available as of March 1st and will last until March 30th, as opposed to the Americans, which last till April 30th.

Like all previous missions, you can download it before beating the game and then you can play the mission after you beat the game.

So, you Europeans better not delay, or else you miss the Shaymin Mission, For Bride and Shaymin.

Americans get a break, for whatever reason I don't know.

Either way, enjoy the game, as this is the last of the six extra missions.

As for now, that's it with this update, but stay tuned for more news about Pokémon when it comes out. We'll be sure to let you know all about it as son as we can.