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Welcome back to the Lab! After a week of research, I am proud to present Chicko!​

#010 Chicko
Normal/Flying Type​
Little Chick Pokemon​
The first thing that I would like to point out about Chicko, is that although it may look cute, it doesn't act it! The Pokemon has an inbuilt instinct to attack anything that gets close, apart from it's mother or, after a lot of work, a trusted trainer. Fortunately, they don't pack too much of a punch. Beware of their beaks though! ​

Chicko's bright feathers makes it easy to spot from a distance, and their reputation in the wild often frightens foes. This gives them the rather common Intimidate ability which lowers the opponents attack stat. This is rather handy, as Chicko is rather llacking in defense. ​

As you would expect, this Pokemon is more...​
[img align=right]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/Linkachu166/ThreesecretPokemonkeychains.png[/img]An update featured within the goods section of the official Pokémon Movie 12 website has brought with it a very intriguing image. A set of key chains revealed featuring Pokémon said to appear in the 12th movie shows three indistinguishable images (as shown in the image on the right). While we have little to go on confirming exactly what these three question marked key chains may be, they are certainly creating quite a buzz around online Pokémon communities - and with good reason.

With HeartGold and SoulSilver finally dated for release and still no sign of Generation 5 on the horizon, these could very well be the shadows of three brand new Pokémon. However, they could simply be new formes of currently existing Pokémon set to appear in HG and SS, or something along the lines of the notched-ear Pichu. There's...

I just want to thank everyone who has been following the Nemesis Generation so far, posting feedback etc. I'm away for a week, so there will be a slight gap in updates until then!
[img align=middle]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/8e/HGSS_box_legends.png[/img]

An update on the official HeartGold/SoulSilver website has given out the official release dates of HeartGold and SoulSilver, revealing that the games are set to be released in Japan on September 12th 2009. The date was given away on a downloadable wallpaper that can be acquired via this link:


The game likely won't see appearances in the US or the UK for a while now, but it's likely that the game will hit the US around Spring 2010, and the UK/Europe getting it in early Summer 2010, similar to how Diamond/Pearl/Platinum were released.
Welcome back to the Lab! Today, we are showcasing Parrat's final form, Spectain.​

#009 Spectain
Water/Ghost Type​
Ghost Pirate Pokemon​
It was once said that when a Parrotain's life with the ocean was nearing it's end, the Pokemon would evolve in to this final form, Spectain. In the wild it is sometimes seen patrolling oceans at night, searching for souls to take with it as a crew.​

Like the rest of it's evolutionary line, Spectain's stats slightly favor special type moves. however, it seems that the Pokemon prefers a combination of the moves Curse and Aqua Ring, to slowly torment the foe whilst restoring its own health. Along with these, it has also been known to use a variety of moves such as Surf, Shadow Ball, X-Scissor and Night Slash. As with Parrotain before it, Spectain's ability is...​
Welcome back to the Lab! Today, I'm pleased to introduce you to Parrotain!​

#008 Parrotain
Water Type​
Pirate Pokemon​
After evolution, this Pokemons love for the sea just grows stronger and stronger! In the wild it is often seen ordering around smaller water type Pokemon as its makeshift crew. Some have been quite successful, having sailed hundreds of miles across the oceans. ​

For some odd reason, other Pokemon seem obliged to follow orders from Parrotain, and it is this beneficial attribute that grants the Pokemon its unique Intimidating Presence ability. Any Pokemon with at least one stat lower than Parrotain may be intimidated when faced with Parrotain, leaving it with a 10% chance of not being able to attack. ​

Like Parrat before it, Parrotains' specialty is in its'...​
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Welcome back to the Lab! Thanks to the quick work of Rain, I am able to present to you Pokemon #007 Parrat!​

#007 Parrat
Water Type​
Pirate Pokemon​
Out of all of the Pokemon I have seen during my work, Parrat is by far one of the oddest. It seems to be a kind of parrot, but loves the ocean. It keeps one eye closed at all times, to give the impression that it is wearing an eye patch.​

As you would imagine, Parrat is well adapted to the water and, although it prefers to fly above the water, can swim well if it is really needed. Their specialty lies in their special attack and special defense although their regular defense isn't too shabby either. As with the other Pokemon I offer to new trainers, Parrat has an ability that ups its water type moves when things are getting tough, however, it loses...​
Welcome back to the Lab! I would like you all to meet Pokemon #006 Metcano!.​

#005 Metcano
Fire/Steel Type​
Volcano Pokemon​
The rock shell that Turvolca sported has developed to a solid steel in its' final form of Metcano. The Pokemon uses the gaps in the amour to spew forth fire and lava which is used in its' attacks. During battle, excess flame can be seen shooting from its' tail. ​

Like Turvolca before it, Metcano has the Solid Rock ability, meaning it is a hard Pokemon to take down. The added bonus of being a steel type means that it cannot be poisoned, a tactic which would have been effective against the previous form. As with both Turmolta and Turvolca, Metcano does not have an amazing attack stat but can pull off a variety of moves if needs be. Perhaps the best strategy when training a...​
Welcome back to the Lab! Today, we say hello to Pokemon #004 Turvolca.​

#005 Turvolca
Fire/Rock Type​
Volcano Pokemon​
A Turmolta evolves when the lava on its' back hardens to rock. These provide a prtective shell around the Pokemon, which help to bolster it's defenses even more so. It is said that these rocks are what provide the Pokemon with the Solid Rock ability, which halves all super effective moves used against it.​

This ability is rarely seen, with the powerful Rhyperior being the only other known Pokemon to sport it. As in that case, Turvolca benefits hugely as it is weak to many types, some doubly so. However, such an advantage does come at a cost, and for Turvolca it is in a loss of attack power. The Pokemon has adapated to this, however, and prefers to use moves to wear the opponent...​