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Just moments ago Junichi Masuda, director of Game Freak, has announced the release of what will be the "third version" for the Generation V pair on Pokemon Smash.

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Has UK retailer, GAME, lost all its continues? Is it Game Over for buying video games offline altogether?

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Nintendo has been dipping their toes into hosting their own 'tv show' like material for a short while now. Nintendo Video on the 3DS has seen some original content produced for this exclusive channel, and Nintendo's monthly Nintendo TV advert reel news reel has brought back fond memories of the kind of mainstream 'light' reporting videogames tended to get on the real gogglebox back in the 90s.

Nintendo Direct was Nintendo's most recent attempt - and a new video instalment (the second so far, and the first since October last year) is due out tomorrow. In the East (at 11am GMT), Satoru Iwata will be doing the presenting duty, while over in the more English speaking side of the world, we'll have the pleasure of spending more time with the unimitable Reggie Fils-Aime from 2pm GMT....
A big announcement could be incoming on the next episode of Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash after a hint from Junichi Masuda while he was doing a Question & Answer session at the Pokémon Centre store in Tokyo. Read on to find out more.

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Along with announcing Keldeo in the newest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro, new details regarding the upcoming spin-off title Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition were revealed. The official site for the game has since updated with the details so we now understand everything mentioned in CoroCoro. The details are mostly to do with how the Wi-Fi aspect of the game will work, read on to find out more.

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Japanese magazine CoroCoro have revealed a brand new Pokémon called Keldeo. The news had been expected since late Saturday night when the first scans of the front cover of CoroCoro went around the internet, the scans clearly showed a silhouette of the new Pokémon, and as we now know, the magazine officially announced it inside.

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The Wi-Fi event giving gamers the rare chance to get a Mewtwo has now gone live. The event is done through Pokémon Black & White's Mystery Gift option. The details of the Mewtwo are as follows;

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A new international Wi-Fi to be hosted through the Pokémon Global Link has been announced. The tournament is set to take place throughout late March, with sign ups opening through the Global Link on the 14th of March and closing on the 21st of March. The tournament will then take place from the 22nd of March and come to an end on the 26th of March.

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Two new episode titles for the Pokémon Best Wishes anime series which airs in Japan have been announced. Read on to find out more.

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Recently a new Wi-Fi event was announced for all English language copies of Pokémon Black & White. The event is set to give gamers the chance to get their hands on a special Mewtwo. The one detail we lacked within the announcement however, was an end date for the event. Finally that detail has been announced.

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