Gen VI [Trade] Event Torchic Needed In April

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  1. Hey, guys!

    So, as you may know, a Torchic holding Blazekenite is being distributed right now. And it will only be available until like the 15th or so of this month. So, my request is, can someone hang on to one of these for me? For just three months, then I'll take it off your hands.

    I will only be getting the game in April. Once I do, though, I will trade you for the Torchic. I will probably be picking Fennekin, so I can maybe trade you a Lv 1 Fenny? Holding a Nugget or something? Or would you prefer a Vivillon? I live in the Middle East, so maybe you don't have this pattern yet?

    Feel free to name your Pokemon and/or held item offer.

    So, thank you!
    Wild Jr.

    EDIT: If possible, I would like the Torchic untrained and at Lv10. Not a necessity, though it would be a lot better.
  2. I have both of the games, so I would be glad to hold on to one of them for you.:) You'll probably have to remind me come April, though. My memory sucks.
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  3. Awright! THANK YOU!

    Before completing this trade, I would like I just have a few questions, though.

    1. Is the Torchib still at Lv10? Have you trained him at all?
    2. He's legit right? Not cloned?
    3. Is he still holding the Blazekenite?
    4. What would you like in return?

    That's all. Once again, THANK YOU. This means a lot to me.

    Wild Jr.
  4. Neither of them are trained, both are legit, and I believe I still have both Blazikenites. What I want doesn't really matter to me, though I guess I'll take a Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillion from your area. :) Whatever works for you!
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  5. Woah, that's perfect, then! Okay, I'll think of something awesome to trade in return.

    EDIT: I'll trade a Vivillon if I'm picking up a local copy, or idkwhat if I'm picking up a US or UK version

    Wild Jr.
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  6. Can you plz give the other torchic,i beg you!!i miss the event too,i will give you many kalos starters and many charmander(BREED);_;
  7. I can breed you a Torchic! Unfortunately it won't have Speed Boost. Sorry. :? Just message me once you get the game and we can work out a trade.:)
  8. do you still have blazikenite pls ,i beg you!!i have speed boost torchic,but i have no blazikenite;_;

    i will GIVE YOU A SHINY IF I MANAGED TO BREED IT!!so plzzzzzzz

    do we have a deal?one pokemon for 8 pokemon starters?
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  9. I'm sorry, but I only have one extra Blazikenite, and @Wild Jr. has already claimed it. Do you still need the Torchic?
  10. Whew. Hold on to that, man, k?

    @Joker999 - Sorry, bro, that Blazikenite is mine. Create a thread for yourself, and someone might trade you one. Your 8 starter offer is brilliant, you'll have many takers
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  11. There's no need to apologize. If you make a thread of your own asking for Blazikenite, I'm sure someone will accept. 8 Starters is quite an offer.
  12. Hey, what're you apologising for, man? It's perfectly fine asking here, I just thought more people would see it in a new thread, that's all.
  13. There is a chance that the event might happen again. So don`t be too bumed. (Sorry don`t know when)
  14. I FINALLY got a 3DS and Y! My FC is 3540-0923-8026

    Can we complete the Torchic trade now?
  15. Oh sure. I'll get it to you. :)

    Just give me a minute. I just went through the heart-breaking experience of finding a Shiny Suicune and being forced to kill it because I ran out of Pokeballs. ;_;
  16. Wha... THAT is just the forces of nature f**king with you. The only time a person EVER runs out of Pokeballs is when faced with a shiny or legendary (or, in your case, both)

    Would you like a Meadow Vivillon to make up for it? Non-shiny, though.
  17. No, it's fine. Thanks for the offer. :') I just have to find another one. *sniff*

    Here's my FC: 5456-0591-6968
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  18. Okay, then. I'm ready to trade when you are.
  19. I'm ready to trade if you are.
  20. GOT IT! Shall we trade now?
  21. Okay!
    I have a few Scatterbug that will evolve into Meadow Vivillon. Would you like that?
  22. I also have Simisear, Simisage, Simipour, a Pikachu, 4 froms of Flabebe
  23. I just take a Scatterbug. :)
  24. Thank you! This means a lot to me. And I only gave you a Scatterbug! If you'd like anything else, feel free to ask.
  25. You're welcome, and I'm good, thanks.
    It feels good to give people my favorite Pokemon. :3

    Anyways, I'm definitely taking a break on Suicune. I'll probably start again next week. (Spring Break!) right now my heart hurts.:(
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  26. sorry to bud in, but i sorta need help. i am new to pokecharms and i dont know how to start a forum. If anyone could help, i would be very grateful.
  27. I hope this will help:

    -Click on 'Forums' in the top-left corner
    -What do you want to talk about? Click the appropriate title.
    -Look near the top of the screen for a 'Create New Thread' option
    -Enter a title and text, and you're good to go!

    Good Luck!
  28. Awsome! Thanks a million!
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  29. Awsome! Thanks a million!

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