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  1. A place to share details on your Skyrim Character(s). Come here to talk about your play style for them, what skills you focus on, what race they are, what gender, equipment load-outs, levels, and even (if your super geeky like me) back stories/personalities you've created for them.

    My favorite character I've made so far is my Wood Elf Sneak, Jasanna who just reached level 43 last night. I've got her wearing the full set of Ancient Shrouded Armor from the Assassin's guild and wielding the Blade of Woe (right hand) and Mehrune's Razor (left hand). I've also crafted a glass bow which I named Shatter Soul that does 87 damage and is enchanted with soul trap. Her highest skills are Sneak [100], One Handed [57], and Archery [63].

    Jasanna was a hermit before she crossed the border into Skyrim and when she escaped execution she immediately became involved with the Thief's guild. There she discovered the Goddess Nocturnal and has been serving her ever since by masquerading as the conduits of other Deities and Daedric Princes (The Listener for Sithis and the Night mother, A werewolf for Hircine, Azura's Champion, ect) to steal their holy weapons and artifacts for Nocturnal's gain. In return, Nocturnal has promised Jasanna a permanent place in her afterlife, where you become one with the shadows.

    So yeah, anyone else want to share? (C'mon guys. I need people to geek out with.)
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    I would post about my Skyrim character, but on the way to the game shop I took an arrow to the knee, preventing me from buying it.

    Instead, I'll just have to leave a video of my personal experiences with Skyrim:
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    My Skyrim character is a female Breton called... Prisoner. Yes, I accidentally skipped the character naming screen & didn't realise there was no way to change it. Since you are never referred to by name, I'm not that bothered; but it is annoying to have my horse called "Prisoner's Horse". Why did they have to choose "Prisoner" as the default name? Why wasn't it blank, to force you to name your character properly?

    I have only been playing the game for two weeks and I am avoiding all spoilers, since for once in my life I actually want to find out the story by playing the game. So I don't have any particular stories to tell. The only thing is that I'm playing this character as "good" as possible, so no stealing unless it's essential for a quest, and no killing except of monsters and "bad" people. I've decided that I want a second character sometime in which I do the total opposite, but I'm happy to wait until I'm much further through the plot before starting that.
  5. [​IMG]

    I'm not entirely sure if I'm supposed to be posting here as of yet, since I haven't actually acquired the game, but my choice of character is set anyway so I might as well.

    Argonians. Friggin' LIZARDS, mang. @_@

    I was overjoyed to find out about the Argonians when I was watching the character creator on a playtrough. I've always had a thing for reptiles- I own one of the critters- So being able to control a sentient one on an adventure like this seemed like an awesome prospect to me.

    Then after I started getting a little bit more into the mechanics, I learnt that the Argonians have some pretty nice specs as well. Sure, some races might be more practical or skilled, but I personally can't get over how cool these guys look.

    Although the Khajiit are pretty amazing as well, to be honest.
  6. I use an Argonian named Valon :) I just abuse their ability to breathe underwater to get me out of some situations and they along with the Khajiiit are the masters at being thieves and assassins which is the role I usually play. Plus the Histskin ability is really helpful and their ability to resist disease more than other races has probably helped me more than I've realised :D
  7. I haven't been playing lately since I beat the main quest plus some of the other quest lines I wanted to do. My character is a male Breton named Lazlo. He's a werewolf and the Arch Mage and is married to a handsome Nord named Onmund.

    Lazlo's fighting style is basically just conjure some kickass giant monster and then shoot powerful spells at all enemies while they're distracted by the monster. When he's not fighting or searching for treasure, Lazlo enjoys banging his husband at their lovely two bedroom home in Markarth.
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    I'm a female khajiit by the name of Magpie~

    I'm currently level 49. I took over the Thieves Guild, and I'm currently do the Magic training stuffs. I tried to go down the Dark Brotherhood route, but I had to reset it to an earlier save, because apparently killing the little defenceless beggar man in cold blood was beyond me :V

    I've got Sneak maxed out, and I can tell you, hardly anyone sees me coming. My weapons are two Daedric Daggers and a Daedric Bow. One dagger has a fire enchantment on it, the other absorbs health from my foe. The Bow captures souls to put in Soul Gems, thus providing my recharge for my daggers. And my armour is Dragon armour, with various enchantments that I can't quite recall.

    I did have a dog, but in places like caves he was a problem, with him not being as sneaky as me and giving away my position. I told him to stay to before going into one and I can't remember where I left him. I'll come across him one day... hopefully :(

    I really should do the main quest... I just go distracted with everything else :3
  9. I'm a Breton, because Dragonskin FTW. (Of course my female character's name is Dwayna. :p)

    Currently I haven't played very much as I'm only level 15, but I did play a little bit more before. I've decided to work for the Empire this time around, even though they're set to be the 'bad guys'. This is mainly because Ulfric Stormcloak is an arrogant arsehole - but I won't put any spoilers as to why.

    I like one-handed weapons much better than two-handed weapons or straight magic, but I don't bother with shields - I usually put a flame in my other hand to burn my foes into submission. On that sort of note, I do wear heavy armor to compensate and I put skills into One-Handed and Heavy Armor, my off-skills being magic, smithing and lock-picking (since you tend to do a lot of that in the game).
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    Reviving this thread after it was unceremoniously killed by Alex's video... :)

    I just started playing Skyrim again and thought that people might want to discuss it, seeing as it's one of the games we talk about a lot on irc :D.

    I have three characters:
    1) "Prisoner" (lol), the female Breton mentioned further up the thread.
    She's my "me" character, and has completed the College of Winterhold, and done about half of the Companions quests. Possibly most of the Bards College as well, though that hardly counts. Also pretty much every side quest known to mankind.

    2) Fears-no-Dragons, a female Argonian.
    I started her off intending for her to be evil, but over time she's become nicer. More selfish than evil. She's done a lot of the Thieves Guild, most of the Daedric Quests (even the ones which require "bad" actions), and has started the Dark Brotherhood. Click on the banner below to see her stats:

    3) Martin Septim (reincarnated), a male Imperial.
    It is no secret that I have A Thing about Martin Septim, the last Dragonborn Emperor, who dies to save the world at the end of Oblivion. Given that I hadn't played Skyrim in nearly 10 months and I couldn't remember how it worked, I thought it would be best to start again from the beginning. So I made a new character ;). Martin is quite obviously going to actually complete the Main Quest, unlike any of my other characters who haven't got round to it, and he's going to join the Imperial Legion in the Civil War :D.

    I'm playing him in a roleplaying sort of way, strictly keeping to the choices that I think Martin Septim would make were he transported into Skyrim. For example, as a former priest of Akatosh, he wouldn't approve of using Black Soul Gems to enchant weapons or armour because that would trap someone's soul away from their god's afterlife forever. Even if they were bad people, he'd still think that was wrong. It's interesting that he will complete the Azura's Star quest in an entirely different way to how my other two characters have, taking the Star back to Azura to be purified rather than keeping it as the Dark Star.

    Click on the banner below to see his stats:

    This is the perk build that I've come up with for him. It's not complete, which is why I've only spent 65 perks. In particular, I haven't decided if he's using Light Armour or Heavy Armour or Mage Armour. Martin in Oblivion usually used Shields which aren't available in Skyrim - I don't think the Mage Armour spells in Skyrim are as good, but I haven't decided. He also has way more perks in Speech than I'd usually give a character, but that's for roleplaying purposes. If I can think of something more useful to do with the perk points, then I'll spend them on something else. He is, of course, going to favour Destruction magic and One-handed weapons, namely swords, though he will have to use Fire rather than Ice because Ice isn't very useful against Nords or undead things.

    You can probably see from the two characters who have profiles on Elder Stats that I entirely favour the crafting skills - indeed, could and have spent hours just making things, that I like sneaking around, and talking to people :D. And that I don't care too much for combat. It's funny how, even though Fears-no-Dragons was set up to be "evil" whereas Martin is something akin to a saint, my typical playstyle is the same.
  12. Oh, oh, I want to contribute! I have a few Skyrim characters.

    Mordella Female Redguard. Joined the Companions and the Stormcloaks and finished the main quest. Pure warrior; two-handed weapons, heavy armour, and smithing. Her almost complete lack of ranged abilities was a bit of a drawback, and she eventually married Marcurio partly because he's cute but mostly because it was cheaper than re-hiring him all the time, and her build pretty much required a pocket sniper.

    Gorak the Empty-Handed Male Orc. Bard's College (what there was of it - so disappointing) and Mage's Guild. Pure mage. Destruction, conjuration, alchemy, alteration. Desperately wanted to marry Mirabelle Ervine, ended up marrying no one. Did get a dog though.

    Laka Female Bosmer. My 'evil' character. Did all the Daedric quests, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood. Sneak, one-handed, archery, and light armour. Hung out with Jenassa constantly and eventually married her.

    Jo'Barra Male Khajiit. I've only just started him, along with a huge amount of mods so the game's a bit weird. One-handed, conjuration and heavy armour so far. Hasn't joined anything or done a great deal other than kill wolves and hide from snowstorms. I may re-roll him.
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    Oooh, the 1.9 patch just came out for Xbox, and it's sexy. This is the patch that allows you to return level 100 skills to level 15, removing all the perk points and restoring them for your use. It's called making the skill Legendary, and when you do so, an Empire dragon appears under the skill.

    So, my main character (the one that's just called Prisoner) had several poorly-invested perk points. She also had 5 level 100 skills: Alchemy, Enchanting, Light Armor, Smithing, and Sneak.

    Well, I don't feel like levelling Sneak again because being able to drift through a dungeon undetected is too awesome, but I immediately made Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing Legendary. Still thinking about Light Armor.

    I then played for 3 hours: power-levelling Alchemy by making potions with a large quantity (but still only about 10%) of my stash of alchemy ingredients, power-levelling Smithing by making jewellery with my stash of gems and silver/gold ingots, and power-levelling Enchanting by enchanting the rings and necklaces that I'd just made. At the end of 3 hours:

    Her Alchemy is back to level 55 with perks up to Experimenter (only one level below where it had been).

    Her Enchanting is back to level 60 with 2 perks in Enchanter plus Insightful Enchanter.

    Her Smithing is back to level 36 with only Steel Smithing and Elven Smithing perks - although this would be way higher if I'd been able to make her Smithing skill Legendary before building three houses from scratch with the Hearthfire expansion ;).

    I also gained three overall levels: from level 61 to level 64. Woot!

    Her Lockpicking is level 92, and I'm honestly considering levelling that to 100 and then making it Legendary, since I have 3 points invested in it and they're useless. (It's only worth having points in Lockpicking if you completely and utterly suck at the minigame).

    Her Speech is level 98, and I'm vaguely considering levelling that to 100 and then making it Legendary, since my character has the Bribery perk and that doesn't suit her. (She's not a bribing sort of person). She's absolutely loaded, so it wouldn't even matter if she has to re-invest in all of the invested stores again. But I think that Speech is really slow to level, and I don't know if I can be bothered doing that to simply rescue one perk.

    The other perks I have invested and have no idea why are in Conjuration, which is a skill I really don't use - but that's only level 66 at the moment. And it's only 2 perks anyway.

    So, including those 2 perks in Conjuration, I'm looking at aiming towards this build. Which is exciting, since I actually have 3 perks left over! Presumably, I could invest those in One-Handed if I can't think of anything better to do with them.

    The one thing I don't know about making skills Legendary is whether you continue to gain new perk points as you go above the original level cap of 81. I need to find that out.
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    Yes, you do ^^ One of the reason Legendary skills were implemented was to remove the level cap for those who wanted to go past it.

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