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Your source for Pokémon fan works, Trainer Cards, and news.

Game Freak are clearly trying to make up for the drought of Sun/Moon hype earlier this year. Today, they've announced on the Japanese social media channels that more Pokémon Sun and Moon info will be dropping on August 1st, at 10pm JST/2pm BST.

As always, we'll be there to bring you all the latest news on the reveal, so stay tuned...

Detective Pikachu.png
It's happening!

After years of rumbles and debates surrounding the creation of a live-action Pokémon movie it's finally becoming a reality. Thanks to the tremendous success of Pokémon Go, the bidding wars to obtain the rights to film the franchise's first live-action movie came to a head when Legendary Pictures moved in for the kill. Now, for better or worse, the global entertainment company and the Pokémon Company have confirmed that a deal has been reached.

With production of the movie set to begin in 2017, the film will apparently not be based around the main series video games nor take inspiration from the Pokémon anime series. Instead, the star of Pokémon's first romp into the world of non-animated cinema will be Detective Pikachu. Yup. I wouldn't fault anyone for forgetting about the character as the 3DS game of the same name (released earlier this year in Japan) has yet to be confirmed for a western release, but maybe that will soon change thanks to this movie? Whichever the case, time to restart those debates over who'd make the best Detective Pikachu English voice actor.

The movie will be distributed by Toho Pictures in Japan and Universal Pictures internationally. No plot or character details - or anything else regarding the movie - have yet been revealed, but we'll let you know once more information has been shared.
The Global Link has announced that the sixth generation Global Link that powers some of the online functionality for Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire will be shut down in late October, a few weeks before the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon. The change will mean that Game Sync will no longer function, and the Global Link website will be inaccessible. Additionally, you'll no longer be able to compete in Rating Battles or the Online Competitions.

The sixth generation Global Link was a nifty idea that was released alongside Pokémon X and Y in 2013, which caused all of Game Freak's servers to melt under the flood of newly-minted trainers. The service is the home to the PokéMileage Club, the Medal system, a Logbook of in-game events, and the Online Competitions, among other features. Unfortunately, it wasn't given much attention after XY's release and received nothing new with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, leading at least a few Pokémon players to forget about it entirely. Still, at least it wasn't the Dream World. The music still haunts my nightmares.

As an appreciative gesture, the Global Link will be hosting a sale on the PokéMileage Club: PP Ups, Rare Candies, and Heart Scales will be 50% off from 25th July until the service closes. If you have 5000 Poké Miles and enough medals, you'll also be able to buy Ability Capsules for the first time. Attractions, the mini-games that net you items as rewards, will also cost half the Poké Miles to play.

It's worth noting that this doesn't entirely shut down the online functionality for the sixth generation games – trades, battles, and Wonder Trades will still continue to work as long as Nintendo Network is online. This means that although this sounds like a major closure, most of the online functionality will continue to work until Nintendo Network closes its doors.

On the bright side, Pokémon Sun...
An update to the official site has revealed six new Pokémon. Two of them are the Pokémon revealed in the most recent Corocoro leak, while four are brand new.

Let's start with the ones we already know.

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon, keeps its Japanese name. As previously reported it is a Ghost / Fairy type, and its Disguise ability enables it to take one free hit in battle without taking any damage, before being broken. It is also portrayed using Slash using a shadowy limb extended from beneath its low-budget cosplay (which apparently it makes itself, by making markings appear on a plain cloth).
Kiteruguma is now known as Bewear - though I am still not sure why is it continuously pushed as a bear when it is obviously a red panda (which, unlike the giant panda, are not actually bears). As previously reported, it is a Normal / Fighting type, it is classified as the Strong Arm Pokémon and its ability is either Klutz or the new ability Fluffy, halves the damage taken from moves that make direct contact - though the trade-off is giving it an additional weakness to Fire moves. I suppose mascot suits are highly flammable after all.

And now for the actually new Pokémon.
First off is Wimpod, the Turn Tail Pokémon. It is a Bug / Water Pokémon that I can only assume is meant to be some kind of a crustacean (the name suggests an isopod or perhaps a copepod). It is apparently very cowardly, and its ability, Wimp Out, makes it escape or switch out when its HP is reduced to less than 50%. Whether or not this escape is accompanied by a group of minstrels singing about how Brave Sir Wimpod Ran Away is a whole other question - though I personally hope that it gets over its fears when it evolves and becomes...
Hi all! You may have noticed we had some more downtime today – that's because we were moving from the backup server we were living on to a brand new and shiny full-time server. This server is our new home for the foreseeable future, and should mean we're more reliable, faster, and have much more room to grow in the future.

From all of us here at Pokécharms, we're sorry we've had a bit of a spotty service in the last couple of months, but we should be moving onto much better things from here. Feel free to kick the tires – and let us know if you find anything not working as well as it should!

Does Pokemon Go fulfil its lofty promises? Or should it just Pokemon Go Away?
When Pokemon Go was announced last year, it perhaps wasn't really the Pokemon game we were all sitting around waiting to be announced (which if you had asked any of us at the time, was 100% going to be a Pokemon Z style game to follow on from X and Y). Now, after nearly a year of not really explaining all that much about what the game would actually be like, millions of players have gotten the chance to experience it for themselves first hand for the past week (mostly illicitly so far thanks to a frustratingly slow global roll out).

Its success is definitely in no question. For the first time in about 15 years, everyone is talking about Pokemon again and it's already the most successful mobile game ever released in the US and has surpassed install numbers of LinkedIn and Tinder - with even Twitter firmly in its sights. $14million has already been generated in just one week from a 'free' game - all indicating that one way or another, The Pokemon Company has gotten it right.

To leave it there, though, would be a disservice to both critical thought and to those making the game, because regardless of its success in its current form, Pokemon Go is far from a success of User Interface/Experience design, fully featured gameplay or of being respectably bug free.

We'll not dwell too much on the state of the server situation - which has at least been improving even as the delayed roll out has worn on - but it does highlight perhaps an ignorance of the value of the Pokemon IP on Niantic's part to have not expected such an immediate response upon launch. The global roll out itself has not been much of a success story, either and is hampered further by a somewhat King Canute-like response to the ease with which those countries can access the game anyway by downloading the Android APK file and insisting that the sea...
Today, after a brief tease about it last month, a new Pokemon has been announced as a fighter in Pokken Tournament - the first new fighter to be announced since the release of the Wii U version and the first indication of DLC content arriving for the console version as well.

That Pokemon is Darkrai, which also may confirm two other forthcoming Pokemon as last month, data mining of the most recent patch found references to Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon in new files introduced to the game. With the confirmation of Darkrai's involvement, it makes it pretty likely that Scizor and Empoleon will be joining it in the future.

Previously, Nintendo, Namco Bandai and the Pokemon Company had all insisted there were no plans for DLC for Pokken Tournament. However, given that they said the same thing about the most recent Smash Bros, it seemed pretty unlikely that it was a definitive answer. This is the first real sign of post-release support for the game and perhaps the first steps towards an indication that an NX port (possibly with all DLC characters included) might not be unlikely.

We'll bring you more info on Darkrai in Pokken Tournament as we get it.
The wait is over for at least some European trainers: Pokémon GO is now out in the UK and Germany, and should spread to the rest of Europe very soon.

15/07/16 UPDATE: The app is now also live in the App and Play Stores in Italy, Spain and Portugal, continuing a widening roll out that hopefully will continue through the weekend.

Pokémon Go has proven to be a smash hit, and has already hit the top of the highest grossing app list in the US. It's also proven to be popular on Pokécharms – we already have a thread about which Pokémon appear near us.

If you don't already have the game, you can grab it from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you already have the game though one nefarious method or another, you'll have to uninstall and reinstall to get updates through the relevant UK store.

Happy hunting!

Well this has been a bit of a weird week all told and it's barely even halfway over.

This month's issue of CoroCoro has leaked and with it came two new Pokemon that, well, push the boundaries.

Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu (left and right on the scan respectively) are the latest additions to an increasingly bizarre 7th Generation of Pokemon. Kiteruguma is based on a red panda (and supposedly not an inappropriate meme character infamous to certain imageboards) and while it does have a bit of an odd design, it's somewhat sane compared to its counterpart, Mimikkyu, which really, genuinely, actually is a rubbish looking Pikachu knock-off.

Kiteruguma is a Normal / Fighting type (so there's a strong chance it'll evolve into something hopefully way cooler with a different type to boot) and has a new ability called Fluffy - but we have no idea what it does. Kiteruguma is reportedly so strong it can break anything in two, which is a bit unfortunate as it really likes to hug its trainers.

Mimikkyu is a Ghost / Fairy that hates sunlight and loves dark places, so wears a cloth at all times to hide from the light - which just so happens to be in the form of Pikachu based on merchandise that was popular 20 years ago - so meta! - because it wants to be loved as much as Pikachu is.

And, again, yes, it is a genuine, actual Pokemon you can really catch and train in the new Sun and Moon games.

If you still don't believe me - and I don't blame you - both sneak their way into this brand new trailer shown in Japan this week in the lead-up to the release of this year's Pokemon movie:

There are a few other details visible in this trailer for the first time, too. As introduced in X/Y, we've got a glimpse of riding multiple kinds of Pokemon out and about in the world of Alola, including...
Salandit pokemon.jpg
A brand new Pokémon has been revealed worldwide thanks to a new trailer on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. The trailer can be seen below and the new creature is known as Salandit in English:

Salandit is a Toxic Lizard Pokémon and is a Poison / Fire type with the new ability Corrosion. Thanks to this new ability, Salandit is able to poison any type of Pokémon including those who would normally resist it like Steel and Poison types.